Drip, Drip, Drip...... Now Let's Connect Them?

How many years ago did I make a thread saying that I see something that’s happened to our country, that’s very scary. What I thought I was seeing, were the top levels of government agencies, illegally colluding together to promote their ideological agenda. It hit me in the face when Loretta Lynch was caught by the media, meeting with Bill Clinton, three days prior to her having to make a decision regarding the investigation into Hillary’s emails. She was asked if she’d recuse herself and she quickly stated, “no but that she would accept the recommendation of the FBI Director”. Then James Comey went on national tv and announced all of the laws Hillary had broken but that no lawyer could prosecute her because there was no “intent”. We were witnessing the collusion of the FBI and the DoJ to exonerate Hillary.

In my eyes, this was unbelievable and I wondered how deep this went? Does it go all the way to the White House? Many here labeled me a conspiracist and have stuck with that label ever since. I’m really not but when things don’t make sense to me, I tend to look for what does make sense.

Then Donald Trump won the election and things continued to not add up. It turns out that Comey wrote Hillary’s exoneration letter before the investigation really even began. Then James Clapper and John Brennan begin to show their political leanings. These two are the heads of the NSA and the CIA. They must remain neutral but they weren’t and again, I wondered how all of this is connected? The claim by the MSM and the political establishment is that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. Jeff Sessions recuses himself, Rod Rosenstein takes over and initiates Robert Mueller to investigate this. Once again though, the order also included a larger scope than that, allowing Mueller to further investigate anything else he could find along the way. Mueller then hires many lawyers to assist that clearly had leanings to the left. Once again…they weren’t neutral.

We then find out that the lead investigator for the FBI, Peter Strozk’s leanings were so strong that when exposed to the general public, he was fired. I don’t believe for a second that this wasn’t known by those within the FBI. This whole saga gets dirtier and dirtier and yet, what I see are people taking sides and ignoring the depth of political corruption that exists with in our system of government that I believe involves the FBI, the DoJ, the CIA, the NSA and the State Department. I’ve tried to follow this and string the dots together but I also, like many here, have a full time job that almost fully engulfs my time and focus. Here’s a gentleman, Mr. Dan Bongino, who has spent time with the Secret Service and with in the internal workings of government who is now connecting the dots from over the past few years. I find it very interesting and now…it’s beginning to form a clear picture. Here’s a video of him connecting the drip, drip, drip…and I’d like to hear your thoughts after listening. Enjoy.


If this is true, the DOJ can launch a special investigator to uncover the truth. Will that happen? If not, why?

The DoJ is a part of this. How deep does it go? Rosensteing is a part of it. What role does he play today within the DoJ? Once the swamp is drained, maybe then the truth will be exposed.

Thank you for listening though and I mean that.

So you think Trump should fire Rosenstein and then open an investigation?

I think Trump should choose his next AG wisely and leave that up to him/her.

Did you listen to the video that suggests how “we” got to where we are today?


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Ignoring what’s going on right in front of you makes you a part of the problem my friend. Listen to the video and tell me again that there’s nothing there?

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All the corrupt politicians appreciate your attitude and would tell you to…keep it up.

Now this thread here has potential!


I know when people want to engage in some secret, nefarious scheme…the best place to do that is at an international airport where you can be seen by untold numbers of people. The same people who will go out of their way to ignore or excuse all of the things we have heard about Trump and his people will engage in these nonsensical, reality free conspiracy theories.

This Dan Bongino fella is extremely popular with the Qanon nutjobs. Everything he says, whether true or not, is scripture to these nutters.

…and if it is, where do you stand? Listen to all the intricate details he lays out. It’s hard to dispute what he’s connecting.

It’s not true, it’s the same bull ■■■■ I see over and over at Voat.


Let’s not engage in some secret, nefarious scheme. Bongino lays out facts. He gives dates. He gives exact times. He uses articles written by sources that are considered liberal, not conservative so that it would remove doubt. Listen to what he is stating and let’s discuss specific facts.

Dan Bongino- L to the O L

and just so we’re clear:

Lynch talking to Bill bad.

But Donald demanding loyalty of the DOJ to not bother him, a-ok?

Dan Boginio is a putz. Mueller is arresting witches left and right. Reality is reality.


It seems like you’re the one ignoring the roll up that mueller is operating.

Your video and your “drip drip drip” is just what you really want to happen, but none of it has happened, none of it is, and none of it will. In fact, Donald has gotten himself in quite the pickle with the stories of him further attempting to obstruct justice by demanding prosecutions of his political enemies.


CoJ is about as dirty as they come…an so is 7th floor of Hoover building.

Why wouldn’t sessions- trumps first senate supporter and a lifelong anti- liberal politician- have opened an investigation into this?

Please be specific? If there’s something Bongino said in the provided video, please give me the time mark that you’re objecting to so I can follow along. Bongino appears to have connected very accurately times, dates and people all associated with this investigation into Russian collusion. You’re very smart…so work with me so I can understand your POV please?