Drip, Drip, Drip...... Now Let's Connect Them?

What President Trump is demanding is equal justice under the law. Nobody is treated any more special than anyone else. There are many irregularities with the investigation into Hillary Clinton that should be addressed. I brought them up over 2 years ago and have been waiting patiently. Surely you agree?

I really really can’t force myself to watch ol danny boy weave himself into the heroic truth teller of right wing memes. I know the tale well, and no matter which of this weeks right wing internet heros tells their version.

Reality is easy enough to follow and doesn’t make me cringe like bongino, probosec, cernovich et al. So in reality we can follow along with our brains, and have seen results.

To follow your story we have to use a lot of imagination and have no results.


You’re asking a question in which I have no answer but it indicates that you at least listened to the video and for that…I’m grateful.

Thats not what he is demanding at all. He said directly to Hillary he would put her in jail. That’s that.

Again, what I just stated is fact. It can be observed. What you said is imagination, and it may not be observed.


My yarn was bingo, jingo because I didn’t have dates, times, names, titles and who they were associated with. All of that is being filled in. Listen to the video…seriously…and let’s talk.

No, seriously we can talk without this weeks meme hero.

I fully grok what he is selling. Its nonsense.

Meanwhile, in reality, Mueller is putting up results.

Now…you start believing him? Give me a break. He’s a loudmouth. What we are discussing are facts.

No, I didn’t listen to the video. Sorry. But I have heard all these theories before.

You should be skeptical of people who get rich from pushing conspiracies.

It is a fact he said it. You are using your imagination again to explain how what he said isn’t what he meant.

It has been reported this week he attempted to take official action. I’m sure you’d have been fine with it if he hadn’t been stopped.

I think you’re better than this. Just try to look at what I’ve been trying to say for so long. Bongino has asked some very tough questions that Congress should now look into.

You’ve been trying to say.

And are still trying to say.

Say it.


Clearly write out one of these “very tough questions”.

I listen and judge whether or not it makes sense? I then look for corroborating evidence. He names articles written by opposing political sources and that’s his basis for his conclusions. Now come on…that’s as honest as it gets.

I won’t let this drop and will continue it. I’m writing down the specifics in his video and I’ll bring it to those skeptics, like you…who refuse to at least listen to this.

fair enough.

In the meantime, Donald Trump’s Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort sits in jail.
Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty and is a cooperating witness.
George Nadler is a cooperating witness.
Rick Gates has pleaded guilty and is a cooperating witness.

I don’t need to say “drip drip drip” or “connect the dots” “trust the plan” “believe”. I don’t need to rely on a right wing or left wing meme internet personality to explain their own for-profit theory.

I just gave you four names that I can produce court entered evidence of crimes that directly connect to the president. Just like that. No theorizing necessary. Just facts. Just reality. No imagination required.


This is all proof of the depth of the conspiracy.

As trump said himself, ‘so very fine people have been ruined by this witch hunt.’

We’re at the point where I worry that you saying that really just reinforces it for the person that truly thinks like that.

But your thought and investigation ignores reality. Like the reality that Comey is a good, honest person, who has served both politcal sides with integrity. And that sessions takes his responsibilities seriously. And that just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they are crooked, And that just because you do like someone, that doesn’t mean that they could be crooked…

You are lying into FOR PROFIT merchants of fear and conspiracy.

Like, how many times did people watch “professional wrestling” before they realized what was going on?

Similarly, how long can we expect it to take before people figure out that “the truth” doesn’t come from people selling you something?

Do they really think The Dan Bongino Show® and Youtube Channel is where they will finally become one of the in-crowd who know the real secrets of grand conspiracy? It seems too many want to believe they’re the one who found that magic personality who told them the real story.

Maybe if I just get some professional headshots done while flexing people will understand.


meanwhile Roger stone is gonna be in some serious trouble shortly…but i guess someday these vague ideas will get off the ground.