I cannot make up this stuff up

If you have one group of unvaxinated people who make up roughly 3% of the population another group of unvaxinated people that makes up 44% pf the population, is it not common sense to assume the biggest contributor to the rise in cases is the 44% and not the 3%?

Which new source gives their sheople the truth? Fox?

Are you claiming they are quarantining them in hotels and not looking when they escape?

Personally…I haven’t found “one”. You have to recognize when the dots don’t connect and in that instance, don’t swallow. There may be some truth though in what you heard. Later, you get a tad more and the small amount of “truth” you heard, does connect to the small amount you heard earlier. Don’t make up your mind yet but also don’t forget it. Later, you may hear a tad more “truth” in a bunch of bull feces. Does it connect to what made sense earlier? This is how I do it and I’ve found it to be the best approach out here in the real world, when attempting to discern the truth, out of the narrative lies being fed by the sheople troughs.

Sounds highly conspiratorial and leads to conclusions that can’t be certified.

…until sometimes years later and then libs develop libnesia and can’t remember. Here’s the perfect example of where I connected the dots of truth regarding Hillary, the FBI, Comey and the rest, running cover for her. Only now is this truth being exposed. When did I say it? In December of 2016. This thread was revived in 2018 in this new forum.

Drip, Drip, Drip… Now Let’s Connect Them? - Politics - Hannity Community

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Paying attention.

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Right, so your method of media analysis leads to conspiracy theories.

Are you hanging out at the border crossing and seeing them do this?

No need. I pay attention when your leaders lie. And I understand logistics.

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So you’re making assumptions… which means you don’t know if its true or not true.

Uninformed voters make mistakes, Allan.

Biden is living proof

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I’m still happy with my decision.

All the police leaving should move with their families to red states and leave the globalist left to seethe in their dystopian dream. I’m sure the red states could accommodate them and use their law-keeping skills.

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I’m correcting you, not trying to convince you.


I am not. :cowboy_hat_face:

Mr Smith goes to Washington must be your favorite movie.

The good guy won the day against the political machine.

A rarity in this day and age you must admit.


That is a great idea . But good people live in blue states and will suffer at the great liberal socialist social experiment.

Liberal socialists are dustroying our Federal Republic

A “correction” is worthless without evidence to show its correct and the previous statement is not.

Allan I totally disagree with your logic. Where do you get these notions at, anyway?