Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller’s Report

No. You see, I was pointing out that the claim of trump being a juggernaut can be critiqued because he lost the house.

Ah so. Thanks. Man, any President that loses the House must really suck. Imagine if they lost both!

SDNY is not going to remove him from office. They are going to indict him after he is no longer In office. He has likely already an unindicted co-conspirator in the campaign finance case. He is Individual 1 in that case.

NYS can indict him as there is nothing unconstitutional about indicting him while President and they don’t have to heed Fed DOJ guidelines.

All true. He’ll pay restitution and a fine and that will be the end of it.

I was referring to the claim of trump being a juggernaut. Not him being a president generally. Its ok though Im patient

His words. From the drip…drip…drip… thread,

Note* In the following reply to big Q Anon fan, weedhopper, Smyrna chose to bold “standing by” This is a Q Anon canard, varitions of a tale of secret grand juries and even military tribunals in guantanamo are sure to finally get that clinton/obama cabal…yadda yadda. The “huber report” is another canard.

Looks like I challenged them on the Q-anon stuff they were spouting then and begged good republicans to help stop such nonsense:

I close this case with PeterGriffin’s brilliant reply then, which also fits the current talk of “all bets are off now”

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LBJ was never punished for some abuses of power he committed, does that count too?

How about FDR?

U.S. Grant he was a real bastard, I bet we could dig up all kinds of fun stuff to now as long as we’re playing that game.

It’s a TERRIBLE precedent.

I get it now, thanks.

Ok, thanks. That is a really good reply. It ignores a lot of facts, but really well written.

The SCOTUS disagrees. :wink:

All that I said, way, way back before this thread…is slowly developing in front of your eyes. I wish I could retrieve the thread I started at the end of 2016 about the collusion McCarthy is mentioning last month in that video. You’re right…I may be seeing something that never existed but isn’t it freaky that since 2016…Peter Strozk was fired, along with Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, James Comey…drip, drip, drip to today…bam…no Russian collusion.

Do you remember the thread I started asking if you thought Trump would fire Comey on day one? You didn’t see that either and it took Trump and his crew long than I thought it would.

If there’s a point you’re trying to make, I’d love to hear it. As I said, you’re an intelligent guy whose opinion I enjoy.

Funny how the ‘drip, drip, drip’ meme started about the Mueller report exposing crimes and criminals while the Trump supporters denied any wrong doing and now that same meme represents the crimes and criminals of the deep state being exposed.

A little language appropriation in practice.

Talking about crimes here and if what you say is accurate, the SCOTUS is wrong. Would that apply to murder?

It was a joke, sort of. Given that they live for stare decisis. I’ll try to do better next time.

Yeah, right.

Then why bring it up when defending the sociopath in White House?

To lessen the impact on your cult leader, of course.

I am not. That man is a horror and a stain on our history.

I was quite respectful of GW Bush you will remember, but this man deserves none of it.

Yes, you were.

I disagree that his Presidency is a horror.

If other presidents were as horrible as this man, they would have been treated the the same.

…cuz this President is attempting to get things done that I want done…more so, than any President in my lifetime.