Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller’s Report

If you’re an American and don’t agree with that statement then something is wrong with you (as long as our intelligence agencies redact any sensitive info).

The part about the AG not helping the president is especially important. And truly American.


Consistency is paramount so what this poster was saying is…no more help provided the President than what Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder would help President Obama…amirite or is this…different? :sunglasses:

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Agreed - the report needs to be made public. We need transparency in our government.


It’s funny that you think that post does anything other than point out your own hypocrisy


It’s not okay to do something wrong just because a previous administration did.

Nice whataboutism.

Was there a Special Counsel report on Holder and Hillary that wasn’t given to Congress?

I don’t recall any investigative report by a SCO.

I know the present is dire, you know, with an idiot as a president and all. But still, its unhealthy to dwell on the past. Please step into the present day.

Do you think the complete Mueller report should be made public?

The report (and “supporting documents”, which is what Schumer, among others, is calling for) should NOT be made public. Grand Jury testimony is made without due process, without one’s lawyer present. Anyone can get subpoenaed. None of that should be made public.

At minimum the general findings should be made public. As far as the entire report, that should depend on national security. There could be names and items in the report that disclose various counterintelligence operations.

And that’s what Mueller will do. “No collusion”.

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What you’ll find, if you knew me…is that I want ALL treated the same. The treatment itself is a whole new discussion but thanks for the input.

I agree so if what the previous administration did was wrong…then punish it accordingly. Until then, this administration should be treated the EXACT same.

Interesting. Special Prosecutor Ken Starr’s report on President Clinton was made public. When the Clinton Administration asked for a 48 hour delay to review the report, they were refused. When they reduced that to a one hour delay, that was also refused by the Republican Congress.

And that report was substantially pornographic in content. So explain why the report on the Trump Adminsitration should not be released?

You want Trump to be subject to 4 years of Congressional hearings?

If it incriminates someone, such as Trump, I want him punished by the same law that he broke? As far as being made public, if it’s been done that way in the past, it should be done that way now and in the future. What is the precedent?

Exact same:

Since, as you already believe, the report clears President Trump, then the head of the FBI should announce that the Trump Admin has been cleared and then should describe and denounce the administration’s reckless actions just as James Comey did with Hillary Clinton.

Can we agree that would satisfy you?


Well, we dont really know. Remember, collusion isnt a crime. Unlikely though… i would say since don jr or kushner arent being indicted theres nothing there unless trump went solo…which is doubtful. But, collusion or no collusion its why we should have had mueller - to get to the bottom of it

Since there are some really corrupt administrations in the past, this argument guarantees you’ll be able to brush away any criticisms of your boy.

Not a valid defense.