Democrats and "traitors"

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Durham will save us!

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If we called it the Beecher Bible Book club would it be better?


There’s a yuuge announcement coming soon from Durham

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Your body will have to wait just a little longer because first we have a word from our sponsors. Yuuuge announcement soon


There’s the drip drip.

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The report will be released the last week of October in hopes of it being the big “October Surprise”.


That and probably a big scandal with AOC since they seen to be running against her and Bernie instead of Biden

After almost 4 years of nothing, something will happen any minute now!

annnnyyyyyyyy minute now! :joy:

Like some else mentioned, does the sheople regurgibleet taste okay? :sunglasses:

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So the Southerners were in fact, not traitors and libs are just using catchphrases loaded with their own emotional insecurities in order to be angry at anything the TV tells them to be? :thinking:

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Actually, the southerners staged a coup and were enemies of the people, much like, say, The New York Times. Or The Huffington Post. Things like that.


Is that the official stance of the U.S. Government, or just your personal opinion?

Yes, if Democrats were really concerned about not honoring traitors, then why did they nominate one of the co-conspirators in the multiyear coup attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election using the power of the surveillance agencies?

The Democrats are very good a projecting their own plots and plans onto Trump. Here is one example:

I actually agree with the opening statement, "In the age of Trump, no depravities are beyond the realm of possibility . . . " But the depravities have been committed by Democrats and their allies against Trump and his supporters, and they have been doing everything they can to invalidate the constitution.