Democrats and "traitors"

Nancy Pelosi has been calling for the remove of statues of Confederates because they were traitors:

"They committed treason against the United States," Pelosi said of Jefferson Davis and Alexander, the president and vice president of the Confederate states respectively.

Actually none of the Confederate leaders ever faced trial for treason. Instead the US government assumed that they effectively renounced their US citizenship when they joined the Confederate States of America. Non-citizens cannot commit treason.

If there is any doubt about the Confederates citizenship status, just ask Joe Biden who voted to restore citizenship to Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee back in the 1970s:

While the Confederates never faced a trial for treason, there was a famous figure from the Civil War era that was tried, convicted, and hanged for the crime. His name was John Brown, who lead an attack against a federal armory in Harpers Ferry in 1859.

Given that history, is it any surprise that the armed Antifa activists that patrolled the Seattle came from the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club?

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club (PSJBGC) members serve as loosely organized security there. The controversial leftist organization made headlines when one of its members Willem van Spronsen set an ICE parking lot on fire.

Their website has a new memorial to van Spronsen, the armed attacker of an ICE facility in Tacoma last year. Unlike many conservative organizations with no history of violent attacks, the gun club is still on Twitter and Facebook.

Several people were shot and two Black teenagers were killed during the Seattle CHAZ while the gun club was apparently providing “security” in the zone. Were people connected with the gun club directly or indirectly responsible for those shootings?

The gun club has history of supporting violent attacks against the government, and it was arguably involved in an armed insurrection during its participation in the CHAZ. To my knowledge none of the gun-club members have renounced their US citizenship. Does that make them “traitors”?

If Nancy Pelosi is really concerned about treason, then should she publicly denounce the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club and similar organizations?

Are Facebook and Twitter responsible for aiding treasonous activity by continuing to allow the gun club and similar groups on their services?

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This is only the tip of the traitorous iceberg.

As time goes on and Durham’s report comes out, exposing what went on in the highest levels of government, in the different departments that must remain apolitical, it will expose the worst examples of treason our country has ever witnessed and will have been mostly motivated by Democrats. If…this turns out to be true and I believe it will, I predict their tune will unitedly sing…a different tune.

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Durham will save us!

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There’s a yuuge announcement coming soon from Durham

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The report will be released the last week of October in hopes of it being the big “October Surprise”.


That and probably a big scandal with AOC since they seen to be running against her and Bernie instead of Biden

After almost 4 years of nothing, something will happen any minute now!

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