2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 1)

Right back actcha.

By all means, continue to “reguribleet” more comfort videos to make you feel better, but they’re not going to overcome the reality you are so desperate to avoid.

Like usual, I’ll be waiting on you when you finally arrive… :sunglasses:

For someone with the track record for predictions that you have, learning humility might help you out with the inevitable embarrassment.

Sorry that my predictions were made so long ago, that you can’t remember…drip, drip, drip… :sunglasses:

I remember them very clearly.

I also remember that they never came true. All your “drips” turned out to be nothing at all.

I’m not going to waste any more time going back and forth with you on this. You are arguing in bad faith.

My question is, will you now apologize?

How many years ago did I make a thread saying that I see something that’s happened to our country, that’s very scary. What I thought I was seeing, were the top levels of government agencies, illegally colluding together to promote their ideological agenda. It hit me in the face when Loretta Lynch was caught by the media, meeting with Bill Clinton, three days prior to her having to make a decision regarding the investigation into Hillary’s emails. She was asked if she’d recuse herself and she quickly stated, “no but that she would accept the recommendation of the FBI Director”. Then James Comey went on national tv and announced all of the laws Hillary had broken but that no lawyer could prosecute her because there was no “intent”. We were witnessing the collusion of the FBI and the DoJ to exonerate Hillary.

In my eyes, this was unbelievable and I wondered how deep this went? Does it go all the way to the White House? Many here labeled me a conspiracist and have stuck with that label ever since. I’m really not but when things don’t make sense to me, I tend to look for what does make sense.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified notes of former CIA Director John Brennan showing that he briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s alleged “plan” to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

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Spot on Smyrna!

The reckoning is at hand.


No It’s not.

There is nothing to reckon. And no we won’t see. We know. We saw.

You’re one of the few, that remembered me saying this and kept reminding me of it because it hadn’t been exposed yet? Remember? I asked you then if you’d apologize when it was exposed one day. Now it has and this is your apology?

You ate from the trough of Russian collusion for years and regurgibleeted it here in Hannity Land. Then libs jumped on impeachment against Trump for your dumb suspicions of what Biden actually did. Libs have no credibility. You’re being used by the MSM to regurgibleet what ever they want perpetuated. Be better than this.

your drip thread stands as a monument to your conspiracy theories.

The alpha the omega the IF

How can you deny what’s now proven. The documents confirming what I suspected have now been released so that even you can see it. Why are you still in denial?

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Proven? We can go into your thread to discuss that. I can pull each snd everyone of your drips and you can show me what’s been proven. Not alleged. Proven

Oh and by the way just as a fun side note. Proven in what court of law… yeah that’s what i thought.

Second side note. FBI has been corrupt since its inception.

It’s right in the OP my friend and I just posted it again. The link is right there and it proves that what I said, in the latter part of 2016…and you labeled me a conspiracist because you couldn’t see it…is now out in the open. John Brennan, James Comey were all a part of a Clinton conspiracy and you ate it all up…even when I pointed it out. Now you’re just acting silly.

No i labeled you a conspiracist because you went from discussing possible corruption to a multi faceted multi level ordeal.

Run along. Even when you’re proven wrong, you aren’t big enough to admit it and it really is that simple.

Signing a settlement decree working around the State legislation makes him seem corrupt to put it mildly.


This doesn’t make sense. How does the consent decree imply “corruption”?

See if it’s funny i have never been rude to you. But that’s okie. The thread is there for everyone to read

The deal struck between the Dems and this Sec of State smells to high heaven.

The Dems must of had dirt on the SoS. Otherwise, no way their assertion that minorities were disproportionately affected when they had their ballots rejected in prior elections would of gone on this deceptive path working around the State Legislation.

Ok, that’s not an answer to my question.

Let’s start with an easier one. What is the “consent decree”? What did it do?