2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 1)

While we all wait for legal proceedings to play out across the country, please take a look at vote #'s for Georgia below.

Also note that Michigan currently has both a contested Presidential and Senate race too.

Finally add Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that combined with Georgia and Michigan make up a select group of the ONLY FOUR STATES in the United States individually each where Biden got more votes than both Clinton & Obama did in 2016 and 2012, respectively.

Here is just Georgia :

Current count in 2020-Biden 2.461M; final for 2016 and 2012: Clinton 1.878M; 2012-Obama 1.773M
Current count for Senate race-Purdue 2.456M vs Ossoff 2.366M

Current count in 2012 for Biden 2.461M vs Osoff 2.366M = 90K difference
Current count in 2020 for Trump 2.454M vs Purdue 2.456M = 2K difference

By all means please chime in…

As with the POTUS election they can present the evidence in court and go from there.


You don’t arrive at more votes than have ever been cast for a candidate without winning a few states with bigger margins than ever before.


Maybe due to hidden GOP voters who dislike Trump? They finally realize that they can’t hold their nose and vote for him anymore.

I don’t vote straight party. Nobody should vote straight party. That is total non sense.

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Considering 76 million people ousted Trump while giving the GOP a net gain in House seats, I’d say straight party ticket wasn’t the case this year.


Here me out…

Could it be…

That more people voted in 2020?

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Trump lost the popular in 2016 by almost 3 million votes. He said that it was because upwards of five million illegals voted. When he became POTUS he set up a commission to find all of that voter fraud. And after a year it disbanded for lack of evidence. And this year he lost the popular vote by a greater margin. Except this time he set the stage before the election. One thing I have observed is that it seems that some Trump supporters just don’t understand that Trump may not be a popular as they thing he is.


I’m still waiting for the amazing things coming out of Hawaii.

Wednesday of next week? fingers crossed


About 100,000 didn’t vote the straight perdue-trump ticket.

You do know that people can split their votes.

It 100% happened this time.


More direct evidence piling up that people don’t know ■■■■ about how any of this works.


Look at the 2018 election in GA. The governor’s race was the closest vote for a governor than we’ve had for a while. Also, Gwinnett County turned purple in 2016, and is one of the most populous counties in GA.

Add in that in 2016, I voted 3rd party for president and Republican for Senate.

Also, in 2016 4,146,825 people voted in GA. in 2020, 4,984,395 voted.

Given all that, the numbers for GA don’t surprise me one bit.

Where are the lawsuits fat donald’s lawyers were going to submit today?

Trump misplaced them underneath his healthcare plan and the check from Mexico to pay for the wall.


Hawaii. They’re filing some amazing things.


The president lost Michigan by 2.6% and John James lost by 1.5%. If there is a recount, they will have to pay for it. We have paper ballots in Michigan so the trail should be there.

Unless you think that they faked 150,0000+ ballots on election night.

We are going to need more physical evidence.

Those are some interesting numbers. We need to see 10’s of thousands of provable fraudulent ballots.

Sandra Smith’s response is my response.

Incredulity mixed with annoyance.

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Others have said it but let me add in in case you missed it.

We had record turnout this year.

You’re going to win states by more votes than candidates did in the past with record turnout.

What nefarious are you seeing here?


The lady she was annoyed with is right though.


Biden’s current lead over Fat donald:

Georgia - 10,621 votes
Arizona - 17,131 votes
Wisconsin - 20,539
Nevada - 36,186 votes
Pennsylvania - 45,063 votes
Michigan - 147,896

Bush’s 2000 lead over Gore in Florida: 537 votes