Read the opinion: Federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Are mail in votes good or bad this time?

Like the hundreds of affidavits that were gathered for the Michigan suit?

And found out to be 234 pages of crap?

How many times do you have to be conned by Trump and his signature move of “look at this binder full of paper” before you stop being conned?


If that’s the way you see it then suit yourself.

The election was clearly stolen in a number of different ways and i don’t see conceding prematurely. If you don’t see more than affidavids as evidence you must be watching the networks. :roll_eyes:

If it isn’t fought they will do it again, and again, and again.

Take it to the SC , present the evidence and gave a verdict. At least if they fight it that hard maybe the next election (senator runoffs in GA) will be cleaner because they will be under more scrutiny than if we just slough it off and say “oh well”.

If Biden gets the office i will never recognize him as legitimate myself.

Many of us said the only way Biden could “win” was by cheating.

again false, the opinion quite clearly states that the major flaw, and the one that kills it no matter the rest is that the relief sought is not in line with the complaint. in the complaint, before any evidence of systemic fraud is heard there are 2 voters who claim to have been disenfranchised by fraud, the relief for that under strict scrutiny would be to change those 2 votes, not to nullify 60,000 others that “may” be fraudulent. relief can be sought under the claim, just not the relief being sought.

Trump’s supporters are already accusing the Governor of Georgia of being a covert agent of Venezuela, and stealing millions of votes away from Trump. They should probably sit the Senate elections out to teach the GOP a lesson…


“It’s just a flesh wound”

And you are still just as wrong as the first time you repeated Trump’s propaganda

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"Among the plaintiffs are Trump ally Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), who has asked the court to strike down an expanded mail ballot policy that Pennsylvania put in place last year after it was passed by the state’s GOP-held legislature. "

It’s just Sore Loser Syndrome at this point.


This is exactly the point of this whole stupid exercise by President Trump.

Are you sure they aren’t part of the super duper double secret squirrel deep state too? I mean they did pass it in the first place, right? Right? :laughing:

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects Trump lawsuit, emphasizing that any problems alleged "do not warrant the wholesale disenfranchisement of thousands of Pennsylvania voters”

Another one bites the dust.

How was it “clearly stolen”?

You have stated this several times and never clarified.

Sean Parnell is getting called out fiercely on this because he has a tweet from April praising the “bipartisan mail-in vote law”.

And yes- the GOP primarily passed this- all but two GOP legislators passed it.

This is what Trump does- the both sad and utterly hysterical situation of the GOP suing itself for passing what they claim is an unconstitutional law…it could only happen under Trump.


Yeah but they’re their own deep state now. Or were? Sorry. I just can’t keep up anymore.


Wait? They’re responsible for the policy they’re complaining about?

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Yeah, but you see it was good policy then. Or something.

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Democrats were allowed to vote


Trump said it himself. Only votes for Trump were “good” votes. All the votes for Biden were illegal.