Sidney Powell: Fire hose of evidence showing election fraud

If you are disqualified from Team Trump because you’re too crazy for them?

How off the rails crazy must you be?

Maggie Haberman says more ‘separations’ to come.

Looking at you, Jenna and Rudy.

That’s hilariously sad. She’s not with us, we don’t know her.

Here’s what I think.

They have nothing…the break up is their excuse to not go to court with this because they know they’ll get in trouble.

But they can keep going off about it on conservative media.

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Sounds right- time is running out. I have my fingers crossed that tomorrows PA and MI certifications happen without a hitch.

Yet all of the provided links show otherwise. They are commonly accepted as evidence just as shown.

No, the links you provided did not “show otherwise”. Did you actually read them? They support my position.

Essentially the only situation in which an affidavit is admissible as evidence of the truth of its claims is if the affiant is dead, or otherwise unable to testify themselves.

Aside from that specific situation, affidavits are not admissible as evidence.

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I haven’t shook Queen Mother’s hand…does not mean she never existed.

Non sequitur again.

Didn’t you just pass the bar? I would take your word for it, I think. It is all still fresh up there in your head.

I’m surprised…I didn’t think Doc had ever passed a bar in his life.


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Haven’t taken it yet - February.

But I am currently studying for it.

I was using a joke from an old Tom Hanks movie called the Money Pit.

No one got it.


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You’ll pass, you’re a smart cookie. Take some Inderal the day of, it helps.

That is of course BS, they list many reasons and situations that make them admissible as evidence.

All one has to do is read what is actually stated and quoted.

Repubs are throwing in their towels now.

But at the start of the thread we were assured once the world had seen this press conference everyone would see.

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Don’t give up hope, Trump fans. It’s not over yet. The electoral college vote and the inauguration are merely procedural steps, too!