Sidney Powell: Fire hose of evidence showing election fraud

There is an old saying: To err is human, but to really foul thing up requires a computer.

Sidney Powell provided additional information on how Smartmatic computer software was used to rig the election on a massive scale:

Here is an outline of some of the key points:

:50 Former Admiral Peter Neffenger is on the board of directors for Smartmatic and is on the Biden transition team.

1:25 Trump won by millions of votes. Software was designed to rig election as demonstrated with sworn testimony. Evidence from California from 2016. Drag, drop, and delete Trump votes.

4:15 Kickbacks to election officials to accept the Dominion systems, which can cost $100 million. Officials also benefited by being able to assure their own re-election.

5:00 Government has ignored complaints from Democrats. CIA may have exploited the software.

6:20 CIA and FBI and other government organizations received complaints about the Dominion software.

7:25 Bartiromo described report from Texas IT expert warned about the software and was overruled. Machines accessed with thumb drives or with remote access from the internet. Identified software algorithm used to rig election.

Here is confirmation that Neffenger is on the board of directors for Smartmatic:

Neffenger is part of the Biden team for the Department of Homeland Security:

At this point Biden is looking more like the Grifter-Elect than the President-Elect in my opinion.

UPDATE: Here is a related interview with Rudy Giuliani that is mentioned in the Powell video.


I keep hearing that there’s mountains of evidence but I don’t want to hear it anymore. I want to see it go to court and let a judge see this mountain of evidence. A Michigan judge just threw out a case and the evidence that was used, if I read the article correctly, was a picture…of a sticky note? What the ■■■■ . Put up this “firehouse of evidence showing election fraud” and do it quickly. If it’s proven, I’m ready for a fight but if it’s just rhetoric and those claiming fraud can not back up what they assert, I’ll not go against a legal election.


Yes, Sidney Powell will have follow up the detailed evidence to back up the explosive allegations.

I would expect we will the see the evidence in court filings and hearings. The filings have to come within the next week or two to meet election deadlines.

The allegations also raise serious questions about other election results. For example how many close House and Senate races have been affected. Did someone say Minority Leader Pelosi?

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I’m with her and hope that any and all illegal actions that took place, if any, are fully exposed, adjudicated and prosecuted. It’s just that there’s been a lot of talk and nothing concrete that proves election fraud. This show needs to get on the road.

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Much of what is in the news is from Citizens filing suits. Not from the President. The President hasn’t filed his “major” suits yet.

Didn’t Sydney Powell enter false evidence into the Flynn case?

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What Sidney Powell needs to do, if the evidence is there, is to take it before a judge and present the evidence in court. Going on tv shows and talking about “mounds of evidence” isn’t going to do Trump or anyone else any good.


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Yes, election fraud on this scale is a civil rights issue which affects every voter.

The existing suits seem to be directed toward fraud and abuse of the ballots and voting machinery. Sidney Powell is talking more about hacking the software used to count and tabulate votes.


Of course it’s going to do Trump a world of good.

Because it’s not meant for court.

It’s meant to build the narrative.

None of this will be submitted to the courts because it’s bogus.

But they will SAY it was submitted and then “liberal activist courts” who were “in on it” smacked Trump down because “Deep State” doesn’t want him to be President.

Who wants to make a bet that this is how it unfolds? We never hear about this “mounds of evidence” in court…but we hear a lot about it on the CEC?


Yeah, that is true. I was talking more in the legal sense, but most of us outside the bubble realize this isn’t really about changing election results.

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Well when I have “mounds of evidence” that will make or break my case in court, the first thing I do is go detail it on friendly TV networks, right?

Because that’s how it works.


You are correct.

This really isn’t good on many levels.

It is worth noting that Trump paid attention to and learned from his (do not concede) oppositional tormentors.

I have no idea when and how he will concede. Makes for quite the cliff hanger.

Is this a bigger story than CV19 right now?


The OP shows how masterful the narrative building was.

The only documented facts are that Neffenger is on Biden’s transition team and Neffenger is on the Board of Directors of Smartmatic.

Everything else is rampant rumormongering but it serves its purpose.

It’s a classic example of “juxtaposition”.

And yes, Powell introduced false evidence in the Flynn case as part of her “scorched earth tactics”.

But many willing people will regurgibleet this, as we have seen.


Duh, its a lot easier to spout garbage on friendly media to get people all fired up thinking there is issues than to actually present all of this “evidence” to a lawyer or to a judge.

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Here are my 2 cents worth.

My gut will always tell me there was cheating in this election…my gut feeling and 7.95 will get you an overpriced drink and a stale lemon loaf at your corner Starbucks … my gut told me there was no way the Seahawks could suck as bad as they did yesterday but they did…it’s one man’s useless humble opinion.

I’m giving Ms Powell and Mr Giuliani and others about a week to show me their pronouncements are worth more than my gut. If they produce real actual evidence then we should all listen…if not then Sidney Powell just became the sequel to John Durham…the report we all paid for that produced nothing.

I m prepared for the nightmare of a Biden presidency…he’s going to be sworn in on Jan 20…

Instead of endless pronouncements of “we have the proof” Sidney Powell and company need to show America the proof if they have it…quickly and definitively, like this week…

Otherwise conservatives and Republicans would be better served investing their time saving the Senate on Jan 5 in Georgia and then expanding that hold on the Senate and on our gains in the House in 2022.

The clock is ticking Ms. Powell…a lot of people believed what you said Sunday…if you now don’t provide definitive and overwhelming support for your assertions all you did was just make things worse.


This is very harmful.

There’s no particular hurry. The libs are pushing for a quick concession in an election clearly filled with fraud whereas they didn’t accept the Trump Presidency for the full 4 years.

I say screw them! If there is nothing to hide they wouldn’t be scared.

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There certainly is no hurry…unless you are 78 and the Covid is spiking just as you get the key to your dream job.


Well if you cheated your way to the “dream job” then you should have to wait.

The inauguration isn’t for a couple of months anyway.

They want to lock this thing down before an investigation gets too deep into evidence.