Two reasons why people will NEVER trust elections again

Reason 1.

When I first heard of all the irregularities. I thought, this is big. Sworn testimonies, hundreds of affidavits, videos, poll watchers getting booted out. Vote counting stopped when Trump was ahead and suddenly tens of thousands of last minute Biden votes simply appear out of nowhere. Biden getting 16 million votes more than Obama. I though wow, When these affidavits are investigated, this may reveal some real, creepy stuff. So what was the government’s response to this legal testimony? Ignore it. Answer no questions. Get to the bottom of nothing. Just act like it never happened.

Example 2.

We keep hearing that there were not enough fraudulent votes to over turn the election. That statement cannot be made unless we know how many fraudulent votes there were. Your government is with holding this information. If your government will not let you know exactly how many bad votes they found, people will certainly suspect shenanigans.

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