2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 1)

So you are agreeing that President Trump was wrong to insist that we HAD to know who the winner was before the end of Tuesday night?


PS Yes networks calling a race does not mean the numbers are official. However there’s never been a race the networks have called that had this much distance between the candidates in several states that was ever changed.

Hell- even the 2000 Election- the final call went that George W. Bush had won when he won Florida by 537 votes- even that wasn’t changed. Yes it did feature a withdrawal of the initial call of Florida for Gore, but the race hadn’t been called at that point.

You will not find a court in the land that’s going to overturn this election as currently called.

It is not going to happen. Even Trump and his team knows it…this is all to agitate and rile up his base so they stay angry.

Hell it’s probably a ploy to help boost turnout in Georgia in January (at least the GOP will co-opt it for that). It’ll probably work.

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You need more than circumstantial evidence and it has to be in at least three states to overturn this election. By all means, search out any regularities. We’re still 99.9% stuck with Biden. Lets hope Georgia comes through and we can at least weaken his ability to mess up the country.


None of that changes the fact that what the lady in the clip said is factual. You would think the anchor would know this.


That’s not why the lady was saying that…she wasn’t being “literal”…she was sowing doubt.

Biden will be President. Book it.

so any time it doesn’t go your way… MASSIVE VOTING FRAUD.

Maybe she indicated that intent outside the clip. I am annoyed with media outlets calling him President elect Biden myself, more accurate would be presumed President elect. And no, I don’t think that will change.

ITs so funny. My sister is not very political -But her husband is a DIE HARD trumper. So she ends up supporting Trump - but often sends things to me with questions. Ussally things that dont “Feel right” to her.

She sent me yesterday some trump supporter using this kind of math to say its fraud. She goes “This guy seems to raise good points. Thoughts?”

I simply asked her “Knowing what you know about this election, about your friends and such…
Does it SEEM accurate that in many states the blew away all records for turn out”

her “Yeah- I mean -I saw the early voting numbers. This was going to be a record year”

ok. Now -without looking at anything else. Does your Gut say its far fetched, or reasonable that many people voted republican but did NOT vote for Trump?

her “Yeah. Actually - more then half my friends are Republican that decided they couldn’t vote for Trump”

me "Right -So we could go thru the math, look at the court cases, review each claim etc…and make not mistake -People will invest agate it all. But sometimes -You can just use common sense and know what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Did you feel that way in 2016 when the margins were smaller and same EV yet everyone was calling Trump President elect weeks before the state certified?

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Can’t say I recall, doubt I’ll recall this either in four years. It’s a small annoyance, not a major event that gets to spend time in long term memory.

Please don’t preach after 4 years of Trump resistance.

This kind of reaction should be expected and will ebb quickly.

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And we all know, if it had went the other way, cities would be burning.


Sure…if we can use that type of logic, the stock market would be at 45K if Hilary won. It’s fun guessing what might have been.

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Lol, spare me.

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At no time did anyone claim that there was massive voter fraud…only interference in the form of a disinformation campaign designed to cause chaos in the election.

At no time did anyone say Hillary Clinton actually won the election because she got more “legal” votes to win the electoral college.

I know you know the two weren’t even remotely equivalent actions.

I also know you’ll continue to pretend they were.


When swimming in conspiracy, forgettery is mandatory.


Hey…you started it.


The 10 seconds shown? I suppose there’s nothing entirely incorrect.

Cleta had been previously spouting the “illegitimate election” nonsense, however, prior to the clip…

“We’re already doublechecking and finding dead people having voted, or maybe people have voted across state lines—voted in two states—illegal voting, voting by non-citizens and that sort of thing. We are building that case. We think that there will be evidence that we will have. We already know that there is evidence of that sort of thing, and there are malfunctions in the equipment, improper denial of Republican poll-watchers in certain counties.”

She’s just asking. It’s not technically illegal.

I remember when Obama refused to host trump at the white house or allow the transition to go forward by refusing to release funds or give access to fed buildings



People weren’t boarding up businesses for fear of Trump supporters.