Growing bi-partisan consensus on key issues

Nice. I had forgotten about those poor guys.

A likely outcome will be that Trump will conclusively demonstrate that the election was stolen and then concede.

The current voting system is grossly flawed. It lacks security and is easily hacked. The logical solution is to return the use of hand-marked paper ballots with in-person voting and manual counts to check the numbers.

Keeping the current system means that the ruling party could always win the election regardless of what voters actually do. That is a recipe for a one-party dictatorship.

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It’s getting harder and harder to believe you’re being serious.

Conclusively? He isn’t even alleging fraud occurred anywhere except in the media. In court they specifically said that they aren’t alleging fraud occurred

Yet the exact opposite happened. Weird


Reality is hard. Like math.

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Democrats wrote a house bill to increase election security. Guess who didn’t take it to a Senate vote?



Limbaugh was talking today about Jimmy Carter back in 2005 saying that in order to have fair elections we needed to have a strong voter ID and not use a mail in system.

I seldom agree with Carter but i guess even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while.

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Excuses, excuses, excuses…he loss, get over it, forget your feelings…

Oh I dunno. McConnell got re-elected. So maybe he’s on to something there.

I hope you know that this is all BS, especially the one-party dictatorship part.
Maybe his supporters should have done a better job in holding him accountable instead of allowing him to do whatever in order to so-called, stick it to the dems and never trumpers.

It’s done. He lost. You’re not gonna keep whining until the middle of December are you?


December 2024

There is nothing new about conceding the election and thinking it was not a fair election. That’s what Democrats did for three years after the last election, and on no basis stronger than the current complaints.
I can’t say that the current system is flawed technically, but now would be a good time to have a commission set up made up of both parties to assure election security.
The meaningless rush to mass mail in ballots, even when not requested, certainly didn’t add assurance this year.

Only because Trump told his supporters to be skeptical. In the real world several states have been doing it that way for years including the liberal utopia of Utah. Republicans never complained about it until Trump made an issue of it.


If I follow the liberal playbook, I get to bitch, moan,complain about, make fun of, and call Biden stupid names for the next 4 years.

I do miss all of the respect cons showed Obama for 8 years.

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And still do…