Growing bi-partisan consensus on key issues

December 2024

There is nothing new about conceding the election and thinking it was not a fair election. That’s what Democrats did for three years after the last election, and on no basis stronger than the current complaints.
I can’t say that the current system is flawed technically, but now would be a good time to have a commission set up made up of both parties to assure election security.
The meaningless rush to mass mail in ballots, even when not requested, certainly didn’t add assurance this year.

Only because Trump told his supporters to be skeptical. In the real world several states have been doing it that way for years including the liberal utopia of Utah. Republicans never complained about it until Trump made an issue of it.


If I follow the liberal playbook, I get to bitch, moan,complain about, make fun of, and call Biden stupid names for the next 4 years.

I do miss all of the respect cons showed Obama for 8 years.

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And still do…