Good News!The Clinton Email scandal is over

So what’s talking so long?

It took decades to bring down Whitey Bulger.

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Republicans, nationally, have been trying to perp walk the Clintons for at least 27 years.

Obese Donald is obsessed with locking her up, he is president, he has William Barr in essence as his personal attorney with all the power of the Justice Department at his disposal, yet she is still living rent free in Obese Donald’s head and the heads of every Trump rally goer who has chanted “Lock Her Up!”


One “dumpy frumpy” little old lady sure has Trump and much of the Right squeezed by their naughty bits!


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I have never come across such a person. Who would say something so stupid, other than a leftist/globalist trying to pass themselves off as a conservative?

The swamp has thrown the Mueller investigation, obstruction allegations, now Ukranian allegations, threats of impeachment…all to slow down the draining but now I’m hearing drip, Drip, DRIP…and it’s Barr and Durham. You’ll see on up ahead, what I told you was going on during the 2016 election…and lib heads are going to explode with the reality of it all.

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Déjà vu a year ago Huber was going to expose all the great conspiracies… You guys need to get faster investigators…


Jeff Sessions appointed him and he was never heard from again. The Washington Times referred to it as, “Where’s Waldo”?

There’s no doubt, this has taken a very long time. My guess is because those seeking justice are having to unveil those internally who have committed crimes and those same are doing everything possible to block that effort. I also believe, that’s why Durham asked for more help by enlarging his team…plus help from the intelligence agencies of other countries? Things are full speed ahead now and as I said, the drips are getting louder. :sunglasses:

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Javanka and now this.


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They must all be looking for B Obama’s “real” birth certificate still.

Though oftentimes it felt like she was picked by Bill Crystal


Yes and she can run on a ticket of she didn’t intentionally mishandle classified material or her job as SOS she is just incompetent, so “vote for me” and I’ll run the country with malfeasance. Go for it Hilly!!

I will never understand why you would want to discourage participation from anyone in the world on this low-traffic message board.


Judicial Watch still has discovery from the Judge.

This is far from over for her.:rofl:

Wrong. Too bad, so sad.

So conservatives won’t accept the findings of the email investigation while they complain about liberals not accepting the findings of the Russia investigation.



Whitey was a real criminal. He was on the run for 16 years.

Hillary Clinton is not a real criminal, never has been, yet she has been on the run from Republican partisan efforts to perp walk her for 27 years now.



It’s not over by far​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

You’re ignoring Judicial Watch why?

Are you scared for her is that why you’re ignoring Judicial Watch who currently has been given discovery by a Judge.

If that scares you sorry.

Debating reality is the entire purpose of this forum.

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So at this point, Judicial Watch has been going after the Clinton’s for over 20 years. Since Hillary is still a free woman, that leads to one of two possible conclusions:

  1. Hillary is innocent, and Judicial Watch is just throwing ■■■■ against the wall to try to get her with something/anything to justify soaking morons for donations, or
  2. Hillary is guilty, and Judicial Watch is simply incompetent.

Either way, it more a “feeling sorry for” than “scared of” situation.


It certainly has devolved into that since the worms began to eat brains, and the propaganda became so outlandish that we ended up with Trump being some sort of savior for some here.