Larry Elder concede and suggest the election was rigged, before a single ballot was counted

Such as?

Must I…?

These are the same people who were swearing last week that veterans were dying in parking lots, because not a single ICU bed was available in 5 Midwest states due to the ravaging WuFlu outbreaks among the enemy unvaccinated.

“iT’s aLL tRuE!” they squealed in assurance, “I hAvE a LiNk!” … before completely disappearing after the story was outted for the liberal horse ■■■■ it was. :rofl:

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That faucet has been leaking a long time. So far nothing.

Unless you want to look like you can’t support the statement you just made above, then yeah… you really should.

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What I thought I was seeing, were the top levels of government agencies, illegally colluding together to promote their ideological agenda.

Instructions are likely provided at some point.

Plus I think they use the holes to determine if the envelope contains a ballot.

Sounds a lot like party over country.

Huh? No really… huh?

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Yeah… that Dan Bongino sure did nail it.

You have literally never been right on your conspiracies.


Throwing eggs at a republican


Except…I started that thread in December of 2016 but…“libnesia” as I said.

Everyone knows libs express their racism the instant they see a black conservative. It’s expected, it’s generic for the left, and it’s guaranteed to happen every time, as we all know too well.

The pathetic attempt to deflect that racism away is also generically expected. :wink:

It doesn’t really matter

What good are instructions to people so visually impaired they can’t read the plain text indicating where to sign so that they need holes to find it?

No deflection.

I called out both. Now you on the other hand…. You liked it. :rofl:

@conan! Duck meme! :rofl:


There’s no rational explanation for having holes in an envelope contains a ballot, so instead of saying, “Yeah, that’s off. They should correct that,” libs are coming out of the woodwork proclaiming traditions from another state (that just happens to be very liberal)…party over country.

White Conservative women can never be racist towards a black conservative :rofl: