Larry Elder concede and suggest the election was rigged, before a single ballot was counted

in wacko news Republican hopeful Larry Elder has pulled a play from the MAGA movement and declared the election rigged and concede his defeat before a single ballot was counted.

WASHINGTON — Republicans in Tuesday’s California gubernatorial recall election are already laying the groundwork to argue the election was stolen — even before a single ballot is reported or a victor declared, an increasingly common tactic in conservative circles.

Republican Larry Elder appealed on Monday to his supporters to use an online form to report fraud, which claimed it had “detected fraud” in the “results” of the California recall election “resulting in Governor Gavin Newsom being reinstated as governor.”

The only problem: On Monday when the link was live on Elder’s campaign site, the election hadn’t even happened yet. No results had been released. And Elder was still campaigning to replace Newsom as governor.

From the article:

“This is really becoming the standard GOP playbook,” said Lee Drutman, a senior fellow at the New America think tank who studies democracy. “This is democracy 101. If you don’t have elections that are accepted and decisive, then you don’t really have a democracy, because the alternative is violence or authoritarianism.”

I have always believed that our Constitution is so strong it can’t easily be brought down. We have already survived one civil war. Do we really need another? Trump and other Republicans who claim that they love this country are trying their best to bring it down. Our elections are secure. Full stop. There is simply no way that millions of votes in multiple states can be manipulated by hundreds if not thousands of folks and no evidence is left to be found. It is stunning that there are so many folks that believe that the last general election was stolen.


It should be stunning, but alas its not. The conservative media has done such an excellent job at pushing the narrative that they are the tellers of truth and that the mainstream media always lies in service to the DNC’s agenda and so it takes little effort to convince the right that the election was stolen.

Please ignore the holes in the mail in ballot envelopes that reveal how the vote was cast providing an opportunity for post office employees, a very liberal union group, to sway the election. Nothing to see, move along.


It takes two to tango.

Elder did not concede and he is prepared to challenge any impropriety.

So where is the issue?


Atta boy!!!


More Election Fraud? Voters In California’s Recall Election Are Being Told They’ve Already Voted When Showing Up At Polls To Vote

More Election Fraud? Voters In California’s Recall Election Are Being Told They’ve Already Voted When Showing Up At Polls To Vote -


Equipment failures totally show fraud… or something.

George Washington was elected fraudulently.

John Adams demands a recount.

Sam Adams voted for Washington.


The investigation should be finishing up any day now.

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They probably forgot to update the software…amirite?

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when losing is NOT an option…

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when losing is NOT an option…


For they will solve this mystery.


The real news here is that NBC has already determined that any allegations of fraudulent voting tactics that will be made after the election will be bogus, even before the election or the filing of the complaint.
At one time NBC would wait for the news to happen before they would misrepresent it.

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They may have. The situation was corrected the same day and provisional ballots were cast.

How is it that we got to live in a world where every single little hiccup is looked at as some grand conspiracy?

Who did they vote for? If there’s a mistake, did each mistake always go the same way?

Just like when IG Horowitz said there were 17 errors…ok. …but when they all went the same way…that’s fraud. Do you understand the difference?

Don’t answer, it was a rhetorical question. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Why would there need to be fraud in an election where the polling for not recalling Newsome is leading by 15 points?

And that is a valid question to have. The fact that mistakes and anomalies occur does not mean that there is some grand conspiracy nor does it mean that it exists on such a scale to swing an election.

Take for instance the audit in Windham NH. Those anomalies were found and identified in a close election. There was no wrong doing. There was no grand conspiracy… even though some were hoping that there was. It was just plain old random error in how the ballots were folded before being put into the envelopes.

Not everything is conspiracy.