Larry Elder concede and suggest the election was rigged, before a single ballot was counted


Not a single vote has been cast in California’s recall election yet.

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And? Do the envelopes have holes in them or not?

Do the holes in the envelopes exist so liberal postal workers can see the votes?

The type of error matters…recording a vote without the voter knowing…is kinda suspect.

Does this sink the Dominion lawsuit against the Trump Inept 2020 election fraud lawyers?

Why not name the "equipment?"

What else are they for?

Why do they exist at all? What purpose could the hole possibly serve? Why is it, that the hole just happens to expose the vote, if they voted for elder? Why do you think that is? Is it just a coincidence?

He’s black and he’s conservative. Destroy him. :rofl:

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The holes that have been there for two election cycles?

That have been in Oregon’s envelopes for years?

The holes that are not in every envelope?

Containing the ballots people can fold and place in the envelope in many different ways so as not to expose any answers (as indeed the Instagram videos showed…the person had to move the ballot around to get the Yes bubble to even show up?)

Those holes?

The hole “just happens” to expose an answer once it’s moved around in the envelope to do so.

And the envelope has been in use for two election cycles now.

First… they are not in every county. Second… they are there for as an indication for the visually impaired to know where to sign the envelope. Third… not all ballots line up with the holes. Fourth… one is very capable of placing the ballot in the envelope in such a way as to not have anything exposed.

So, while this does show a flaw in the design and it should be rectified in the future, it is no way shows that there is a grand a conspiracy involving liberal postal workers working to steal an election where the question of recalling the governor is trailing by over 15 points.

Not seeing a rational explanation for the holes to be there period here.

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But they saw it on Instagram, dontcha see?

It’s GOT to be a true thing if a random poster on Instagram says so.


Why the hole at all?

Never been on instagram in my life.

And it being to assist low vision voters doesn’t pass the smell test, a bump would serve the same purpose without potentially exposing who the voter selected.

Oh…stop with the logical truth already.

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More internet misinformation.


So they don’t have holes in them? Odd, LA officials say they do.

So where do you get the holes in the ballots thing.

You saw them yourself?

Or are you relying on hersay evidence.



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Two cycles though! Tradition!