Larry Elder concede and suggest the election was rigged, before a single ballot was counted

Not knowing too much about it… it looks like it is a database error… which while bad is not an indication of any grand conspiracy to swing an election.

Why would there be any holes?

It is suspicious.

That is not the same as equipment. That is software and data entry.

Read it and weep.


There is this thing, called the news…

We gotta way with it twice now…and the 3rd will make it California, charmfully, sanctuarily legal.

He’s a Biden voter…he doesn’t “know the thing”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

So the holes do exist and the explanation for their existence is ludicrous, we already knew.

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From my link posted.

“The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters, in a statement provided by Dresner, said the envelope has been in use for “several election cycles” and is a design based on recommendations by the nonprofit Center for Civic Design.

Whitney Quesenbery, executive director of the Center for Civic Design, said in a telephone interview that the two-hole envelopes have been used for more than a decade without any issues in Oregon, an all vote-by-mail state.

“I don’t think there is much to this. I think it’s somebody trying to drum up some controversy,” she said. “I do not think there is any intent, or, in fact, probability this could be used to disenfranchise voters or throw out ballots.”

In fact, the videos posted on Instagram show that it isn’t easy to see a “yes” vote for Newsom’s recall.“

They have used the exact same design for ballots in Oregon for over 10 years.


Personally, I’m liking this whole, “Well, that’s how they already do it, so don’t change it!” lib argument.


“Fact check” :rofl:

They have been used in Oregon for 10 years with nary a peep from whining cons.


And you buy that explanation? Lol. Do you know what braille is?

It was equipment error. It happens. it seems to have been fixed and provisional ballots have been cast.

How would a grand conspiracy hold up if it so easily exposed?

Several cycles, actually.

And of course there is this, as I mentioned…

the narrator places the ballot securely in the envelope, but all that appears in one hole is part of Newsom’s name. She manually moves the ballot around in the envelope to show a small part of the circle where a “yes” vote would go.

In other words, a random Instagram poster plays a bunch of easily played marks…again.

The ballot had to be MANIPULATED…while the envelope was still OPEN…in order to “expose” anything.

And this was a massive red herring anyway. The material appearing on Elder’s website mentions nothing about envelope holes, but using statistical analysis to detect fraud in votes…

…that haven’t been counted yet.

So I could see why one would want to divert attention away from that bit of idiocy.

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I’ll ask it again…why the hole at all? Why? Is this too hard of a question?

Played the election fraud game beautifully.

It’s fraud I tell ya. I saw it on the internet.


When you answer how Elder has used statistical analysis to detect fraud in votes that haven’t been counted yet.

Answer that question first.

It’s for low vision people, everyone knows a hole means sign here. If only there was an actual accepted way to communicate on paper with the visually impaired that didn’t potentially expose people’s votes.

That’s right. There is no reason that’s logical. So why is it there? Do you think it’s just a coincidence that the vote can be seen by a simple manipulation?