The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 1)

Wikipedia says San Francisco.

I don’t think Tucker really would be interested in running.

It is an interesting prospect

There was a lot of hollow rhetoric toward China, but how did his policies hold them accountable in any meaningful way? The tarrifs, for example, were a massive failure (as predicted), and hurt the US more than China.

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Quote where I berated you. Asking if you had anything to say about the topic (instead of talking about me) isnt berating. It’s trying to discuss a topic. I’m not the topic.

The post you just quoted was in response to another person’s deflection, and then you joined in the deflection by continuing to try to talk about me here

So again…on the topic I was discussing before I became the topic of deflections:

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I’ll assume the source is acceptable…

You probably didn’t know.

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Oh and

Just defended him at every opportunity.

Want more? those are just small example of your defends/support for Biden…and notice those are all different threads. And there is plenty more. But forum members get the picture.

So want to BS us some more? Or should I post more?

I love this one.

Biden is kissing Ukraine ass bigtime.

I love this one.

want more?


Keep reading.

There a literally hundreds if not thousands posts of him defending Biden at every opportunity.

And then he wants you too believe this BS.


Manipulator Extraordinair.

Taking a break it would seem.

Probably not the best standard to follow…

Given the number of “his biggest critics” that roam here.

Not sure what you’re trying to get at but I wasn’t the one that said this.

Pretty sure I was vocally against him even being the nominee.

When it was clearly false.

So I just call it as I see it.

How many posters here proclaim to not support trump only to defend him over and over again

His Biggest critic was a phrase coined by a poster here. A certain wild flower :joy:. Well the flower isn’t wild but his stories were


Don’t know…how many?

You assume I didn’t know, but in the opposite direction, I have to assume you didn’t read it.


Because the entire reason Biden is continuing the tarrifs is because China had bought $0 out of the $200 billion in additoonal US goods they promised to buy by the end of 2021. In other words, Biden is trying to make China fulfill the deal that Trump was unable to get China to fulfill any part of while he was president.

Were you trying to help make my case? You did an excellent job of demonstrating how Trump was not an effective leader against China.

Biden is an idiot for continuing Trump failed policy.


You had me at…Biden is an idiot.

If tariffs really didn’t help the US labor force you would want them.

A similar search might reveal that.

Well than call em out when they do it.

Either way I had proven beyond all doubt that poster posted misinformation about his posting history here…are you going to deny that?

They get called out

I am not denying anything.

I was just noting that it’s a funny standard to use

Than why are you running interference for him? Are you upset that I made rock solid case on his attempting to BS forum members here?

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Hahaha Wisconsin Republican Assembly leader still trying to tank Trump, ya gotta love it. It inflames the magas every time he does it. This is the sure way to make sure no Republican can win Wisconsin.

"Wisconsin’s top Republican lawmaker slammed the idea of Donald Trump becoming the party’s presidential nominee next summer.

Vos said he believed any other Republican candidate would have a better chance of defeating President Joe Biden in 2024.

“I do not want to nominate losers, and that is exactly what I believe will occur if Donald Trump is the nominee,” Vos said. “Why would Republicans pick the one person Joe Biden can beat? That is stupid.”"

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Huh? I don’t want tariffs that hurt the US economy. This is why Trump’s tariffs were bad, and why Biden is an idiot for continuing them. They have hurt the US more than they hurt China.

You DO realize that the Trump tariffs were not a success, correct, and that China made 0 movement toward following through with “Phase One” deal that Trump brokered and signed, right?

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