The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 1)

Here we will discuss Trump’s official campaign announcement, his speeches moving forward, and the platform he will run on in order to earn your Republican vote.

Adult discussions only, geared toward the Conservatives whose votes actually matter when it comes to Candidate Trump. Please feel free to flag any off topic lib slop, (D)eranged troll posts, etc., so the adults can have a civil, rational conversation about the Orange Monster for a change.

So anyway, Conservatives, welcome to our very own version of the 1912 presidential election where we decide on how to split the vote! The obvious Democrat tactic is to promote DeSantis as much as possible in order to split the vote. They’re not worried about losing the White House to a politician with plenty of corruptible years ahead of him - they’re worried about losing it to President Trump.

Personally, I like DeSantis, from what I’ve seen so far, of his extremely short-lived political career… He’s the next Ted Cruz, the next Sarah Palin, the next Rand Paul, etc… I liked them all at one point too. Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me 5 or 6 times, I’m feeling kind of foolish. :rofl:

I get it though, he’s more “palatable”. Honestly though, full disclosure? I’ve yet to see a more stuck up and petty reason as to why DeSantis over Trump. If only someone could be like Trump without being like Trump? Come on, people… lol :wink:

Anyway, like I mentioned before, I bet DeSantis doesn’t make one single mention about things like firing career federal employees if he goes on the campaign trail for 2024. Too much to lose. Plenty of time to be bought out.

He still has 2 years to gain my support for the job though, so fair game. Whether or not Trump gets a second chance, his time will end either way. Until then, I already know which devil with a dashing wife I’m voting for. :man_shrugging:


So far, a rundown.

He started with a recap of his presidency. Economic strength, zero inflation, secured boarders and energy independence. Tariffs on China were working. Respect through strength was gained. Al bagdady was killed and N.Korea was subdued. All the while, the opposition was saying he would lead us to war. Peace was the actual result. He kept his campaign promises.

Present day, Biden has oversaw inflation, higher gas prices and draining of our strategic reserves. Energy independence is out the window and our borders are open. Afghanistan withdrawal and war in Ukraine. A missile fired in Poland, and sleepy Joe is leading us like a blind man. The world laughs at the US.

The left’s platform of ruin.

The red wave was subdued by apathy of a populace not yet hit by the left’s policies. By 2024, they will feel the pain.

Cutting regulations and taxes gave us the roaring economy we’ve enjoyed up until now. Shame we didn’t gain the senate, but get out and vote for Herschel Walker for senate. Nancy Pelosi fired. Lower expectations for the midterms.

Joe is a potato head.

The Former President Trump announced his candidacy.


I think he looks better. Healthier.


So now that he’s the opposition for the Biden/Harris ticket, will the current administration use executive branch agencies to get dirt on its competition?


Is it pretty much a foregone conclusion that DeSantis will run? I think he should wait.

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That, sir, is the million dollar question.

I don’t envy Ron. It’s a tough one.

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I am on the fence I think DeSantis is the future nominee barring some scandal. At the same time him getting in there and getting railroaded by Trump in the primaries could hurt him. I wish Trump would have just stayed out of the race and on as and advisor fundraiser or whatever and not run but we all knew he would run, his ego has no bounds.


A movement for all Americans together. A party for all Americans. Middle class workers who are tired of watching their country be destroyed. Give police respect and dignity to fight crime.

Not his campaign, ours together.

Covid screwed up a good thing.

America hasn’t hit its peak yet, but he’d like to take us there. Take back the people’s corridors of power in DC back. Stop begging other countries for energy needs. Where’s Joe at the G20, lost?


Not much on election fraud. Someone’s been in his ear about that.


I am no fan of DeSantis but I have no doubt he can handle Trump in the primaries. He has had 4 plus years to study Trump and make no mistake Trump is a known quantity now, what blasted Trump through the primaries last time will not work a second time. Any one that goes up against Trump know exactly what his playbook is.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Don’t jinx it. lol


Kind of rambling about Governor Abbot, mentioned he won more border states than since reconstruction? Not sure where he was going with that.

Didn’t notice that for some reason, but you’re definitely right.

And he actually listened. What is happening?

I said that to the missus. He seemed to be rather subdued. Not sure what that is about. Though he made some wild claims but thats typical Trump, he makes up facts on the spot. He is like Boris Johnson in that respect, says whatever he wants, barrels onwards, never looks back never apologizes and it was effective for him.

They dont call him teflon Don for nothing.

He wasn’t Candidate Trump claiming there was fraud. :wink:

He’s calling Biden’s term “The Pause”. That’s pretty funny.


That will lead to some pretty slick marketing. I can almost see how it will go now.

Remember, Trump doesn’t run a political campaign…he runs a marketing campaign.

The economic pause will be the best thing that’s come from this speech.

Wooh, just saw Roger Stone in the crowd.

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He’ll be bringing up the big lie at every rally for the next 2 years.¹ One of the central themes of his campaign is going to be revenge, righting a wrong.

¹-Two Years. Sigh.:expressionless:

All out economic competition against China? Threaten me with a good time. lol

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