The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 2)

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And, go.

genuinely curious to see how dems will rig this.

(besides what’s already underway in plain sight)

ALL the stops are coming out over the next 8 months. ALL of them. Keep your poncho handy, you’re in the splash zone. :wink:


Here we go again

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Very big of Yahoo! to admit to such.

ALL the stops… :wink:


I wonder if there’ll be some sort of a coordinated effort made to organize a watch over this election much more closely for potential fraud whether in mail in ballots, mules or counting without observers.

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one would think. this may be why they are trying to get him erased from the ballot based on pure â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  they invented.

but broken water lines, taping up pizza boxes and pallets of perfectly stacked ballots at 3:15 am is so 2020. they have other ways in the works you can be sure

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Holy mackerel. That’s an interesting picture.

The 2020 Presidential election was the most watched over, audited, recounted, contested, monitored, investigated election in world history.

Trump lost.


Another sign is if they take days or weeks to count then look out.

No way anybody but the dems will “win” that.

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I disagree.

Republican observers locked and kicked out of counting.

Cardboard put up on windows so no one can observe the counting.

Boxes of ballots pulked out from under tables.

Races called before polls closed by the media.

2020 was the most suspicious election I have ever observed.


You can disagree all you want to, it’s a fact.

You’ve been fed a pack of lies. Cultish.

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It always take days to count. :joy:

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Trump lost.

Also the most manipulated and shadow money influenced…legal enough it turns out.

Look what it brought.

Let’s Go Brandon!


Really? Because everything I just mentioned was seen by millions on live TV. (Read observed facts)

Glad we are able to question and challenge and disagree.

Twitter wouldn’t allow it.

The questions are with merit.

Thats funny. Never used to.