The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 1)

Of course he’s serious.


Donald Trump has deluded himself and MAGA into believing his destiny is to “Save 'Merica.”

I don’t care much about Trump. I am very concerned about MAGA. I need the useful idiots for America First™ .

right. like all candidates in all elections

what a monster

i dont either. but i’m a bit of a pragmatist

Not hardly

Made your peace with it already. Good for you.

i just have perspective

Everybody has perspective.

If he can stop and reverse the bleeding at the border and the war on energy, he may have a claim to having done that.

His way of stopping the border is rounding up brown people and putting them in camp before deportation.

I’m actually morbidly curious for a Trump win to see if he actually will do that.

Didn’t he supposedly do that already? What happened?

Isn’t Brandon doing the same thing? Didn’t Obama build the cages?

Pathetic…still blaming Trump for what Obama did even after it’s been proven over and over again.

This is why YOU have no credibility.

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What are you talking about?

I’m talking about Stephen Millers plan to deport on day one.

That was kind of the plan of the people who wrote and passed our immigration laws. It’s called enforcing our laws.

I’m curious to see if Trump will actually round up All brown people without papers and deport them.

He didn’t do it 7 years ago…

Of course it has nothing to do with whether they are brown. It has everything to do with whether they are here illegally.
The problem is that Biden has made the problem so much worse. Even the heads of sanctuary cities are squealing.
Will he do it if elected? Yes, I am curious too.

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Low IQ racists cling to that stupidity like stink on ■■■■ don’t they? :rofl:

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He can stop it for a time, like he did before, and people will remember a time, when things were better.

This is circa 424 AD. The Visigoths have already sacked Rome. The Vandals are still coming. People will still get up and go to work for another century or so, but the Barbarians will have their kings. :wink:


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