The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 2)

Just like in 2000.

You know when thr stop counting in the midd if night it’s because they are looking for more votes for one of the candidates.

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Yes, really.

Mass delusion.

If the SC wouldn’t have stepped in I am sure they would’ve found enough “hanging chads” to push Algore over.

Yes it did. Always. Who told you that?


Yeah. Delusional because I witnessed these abnormalities on live TV.



When? When did it never used to oh great instant gratification humans?

No you didn’t. You watched a movie and were told what you were seeing. And you believed it because it confirmed your bias.

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Always. They are confusing media narrative for actual results.

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This topic is :fire:

This will cool it off.

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Who said instant ?

I remember you would always wake up the day after thr election and know who won. Was like that up until 2000 when algore and democrats fenied the election results in FLA

Exactly. Another point concerning recounts.

When you recount fraudulent ballots you arrive at the same fraudulent total.


Oh I see. In your little trump hater universe live TV is now a movie.



Sorry to break it to you and your fellow haters but Trump is going to win in Nov.

Please bookmark because after he wins I will be back to laugh hysterically at all you haters.

When you add the script it is. “Live tv”? Come on man. :rofl:

I don’t hate Trump. I pity MAGA.

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Oh. You pity Making America Great Again,

Got it. I’ll put you down as a vote for America’s decline.


MAGA is a cult. I pity all people duped into cults.


Yes that was the media telling you who won. The counting kept going.

And Florida was called for Gore first :joy:. Like even the most basic information smh

It was Bush who “denied” the results. And rightfully so. He won.

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There, there…do ya feeeeeeeeeeel better? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

What is a FACT is…states changed their voting processes while skipping the Constitutionally mandated requirement that it all goes through their state legislatures…blaming it on COVID.