SARS-like virus spreading rapidly in China; cities quarantined; cases in US

In response a rapidly spreading coronavirus, the Chinese government has quarantined the city of Wuhan with a metro population of 19 million just as the Chinese New Year holiday is starting. Unconfirmed internet videos show people collapsing in the streets.

There have been at least 800 cases in China with a death toll of at least 26. The number of deaths appears to be growing quickly, and at least two confirmed cases have already reached the US:

My understanding is the US is instituting checks of airline passengers from the Wuhan area. The Chinese New Year holiday involves hundreds of millions of people moving around China on crowded trains, planes, buses, etc.; it is likely that many cases have already spread to other parts of China and the rest of the world.

What should the US do in response to the rapidly growing outbreak?

All part of soros plan to take over the world


China…number 1 exporter of viruses.

Seal the border. Refuse all Chinese imports. Buy gold, prepare anti-zombie defenses, blame libs.

Or maybe just wash our hands, take care of ourselves, and keep our heads?


There is speculation that the virus may have come from snakes or other animals sold at the local markets for food.

Parts of China have unusual types of food and agriculture that may introduce new viruses to human populations.

Build the walls faster. Restrict air travel.

The virus spreads to eyeballs. Throw all Amazon Chinese boxes away. Never buy Amazon anymore.

China needs to go back to follow Tientai the Great (Chih-I) and erase all commie stuff.

Or possibly a screw up at a Chinese lab:

Great, now the Chinese are having sex with snakes.


Or we can build a 1000-bed hospital in 6 days like they are doing in China:

I doubt the US government could even file an environmental impact statement in 6 days.

New reports just in raise the death toll to 41 with 1287 confirmed cases:

The rapidly growing numbers raise serious concerns.

For China to quarantine millions tells me this is one hell of a lot more serious than what is being reported.

I doubt the lab as the source. However, does that really matter at this point? We can go back and trace the origins after the fact.

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Donald makes the best buildings. I’ve no doubt he can do hospitals equally well.

If true death ratio is about 3.3 percent. Considering SARS had about 10/11 percent?

Blame Trump, like the cons did to Obama with Ebola.

Rule #1 - Cardio
Rule # 2 - The Double Tap
Rule #3 - Beware of Bathrooms (not just the ones at Target!)
Rule #4 - Wear Seat Belts

You’ll get the rest once the infestation has manifested full force.


Going full bat ■■■■ crazy won’t help.


IMO, you need to look at the bigger picture here. TDS isn’t going to protect you.


Sounds like many illnesses that only cause death in those with compromised health… meh

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Go eat some Wuhan bat soup and report back.

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You doubt Donald’s ability to protect us? Shame!