Coronavirus non-political

This is the thread which is dubbed non-political in which posters can keep up with Coronavirus concerning information. Any politicizing of this thread will be either moved to the political thread or deleted.

Johns Hopkins has a map tracking the virus in real time.

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Here is a link to my state government’s health department which contains some useful information about the coronavirus. There is a lot of information that is not specific to Australia that might be of interest.

Can this thread be put in a forum other than “Politics” since this thread is “non-political”?


No. I put it here because there was discussion of the Coronavirus that wasn’t politically motivated. There’s some interesting information communicated by posters here in the politics section of the forum. I’d rather continue that conversation here than put it in the OTB.

I’m not interested in opinions on this. If the situation changes, my actions may as well.

LA just declared an emergency.

Why do people still care in what forum a topic resides?

Are there still people that don’t use the “Latest Posts” view?

Hell I don’t even look at the forum name anymore.

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Cruise ships are a breeding ground for disease. I can’t believe these people willingly got on a ship that had just brought back a couple of dozen cases of CoVid19.

I feel sorry for people who are truly victims who bear no responsibility for the harms that befall them but damn, not in a case like this.

Corona envelopes the world.

I’ve posted this before. This site tracks all reported cases around the globe and is updated I think hourly.

Without getting too political in the non-political thread, and while I’d never wish illness or death on the people of Iran who are largely not responsible for their government decisions, perhaps this could lead to some sort of positive revolution there?

Well this is not good.

The story you linked was badly written, but from what I gather from it, many of the passengers didn’t know there were people who had COVID-19 on the previous leg, and Princess appeared to be covering this up.

So not sure you can blame passengers for getting on the ship…most of whom would have booked it and planned for the cruise months and months in advance.

And again…as I keep saying…if you look at the numbers where you take Hubei Province out of the mix…as Ground Zero…the death rate for the rest of the world is 1.36 percent…or 1.4 percent. In Hubei the death rate is 4.5 percent. I think that we have to start looking at this as two separate issues. Hubei Province and the surrounding provinces, and the rest of the world.

And outside of Hubei Province there have only been 107 deaths in all the rest of mainland china. So go figure. If you take out Hubei Province and only look at the cases in the rest of China, there are 12,945 cases, and 107 deaths in the rest of mainland china. That puts the death rate for the rest of mainland China at .008 or less than one percent(.8%).

So again, is this thing really as bad as they say it is??? Or are the inflated numbers of Hubei Province creating an huge amount of panic?

There’s a thing called behavioral science…

If they (being the media) had not created this “panic” (or “sense of urgency”) would the death rates have been higher because people wouldn’t have taken it seriously?

Just like we’ve got the folks here in the US, one who went to a public function even though asked not to, and the woman who went in to visit her mother despite the signs…

Course then there’s the ‘boy who cried wolf’ problem.

We did not (hopefully) get a pandemic out of this, so next time something like this happens people will ignore it, and then the pandemic happens.

Hard to say.

I do hope the Olympics will go on as scheduled.

Update from WHO

Man, this is not good.

Spring Break for a lot of people is coming up in the next couple of weeks. I can’t believe anyone would be dumb enough to go somewhere with a large gathering of people.

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