Is the Coronavirus panic really necessary?

There are over 7.5 billion people in the world. 80,000 of them have Coronavirus. This leaves over 7.5 billion people without Corona virus. Is that really a good reason to drain everyone’s 401K? Then we have websites such as the Drudge Report screaming like the sky is falling, trying to induce as much panic as they possibly can. As they always do.
In a few months, when all of this has died down and we have devastated everyone’s retirement accounts, will we be wondering why the we had to freak out over nothing?

It is impossible to think clearly while panicking. The first step, is to STOP PANICKING!

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I feel that it is necessary but yeah, humans tend to over blow everything

But it is just a feeling. I believe that in a few months we won’t be talking about Coronavirus, but a lot of savings will have been wiped out based on nothing but mindless panic.

Science deniers have no concept of or respect for science and want to address pandemic based on their feeeeelings. Film at 11.


The Coronavirus has 2% fatality rate and spreads incredibly quickly.

For comparison, the Spanish Flu had about the same mortality rate, and killed 30 Million People.

But yeah, your 401k is down a little, so let’s not worry about it.


I agree with you, by the end of summer Coronavirus will be in the rear view mirror.

However, don’t worry about the markets, they will bounce back nearly as quickly as they fell.

Expect the same people that pushed the Russian collusion lie to create panic.

I don’t stay up that late. I won’t see the film. Who are you accusing of being a science denier? I think you might have the wrong idea about this thread. It’s not about insulting people. It’s more about opinions. Is all of the panic really a good idea? What’s your opinion?

Stock market will begin “recovering” Tuesday.

Perhaps you’re the one who should stop panicking.

Are you judging me? It sounds like you might be just a little. Do you think the panic is overblown?

No ones savings are wiped out unless you sell. And if you are in a position where you have to sell high risk equities at a low, you need to rethink your investment strategy.

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The smart people who invest with a plan will be taking advantage of this OPPORTUNITY.

I think it’s important to take a very quickly and easily transmittable virus quite seriously. And I think the stock market has been inflated for awhile and something like this was bound to come along and knock it down a peg or 3.

If 30 Million People die, would that justify the stock market drop?

Just need to see where the limit is here.

Nobody believes that 30 million people are going to die. Most likely the fatality rate of the Coronavirus is going to change around April when the weather gets warmer.

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Good God. Really? You think that you are in a position to give me financial advice? First of all, where did you get the idea that I was asking for advice? If you get your financial advice from people on the internet, maybe you should re-think YOUR strategy? If I want an economics lesson, I will ask somebody who I can trust. Sorry, but that ain’t you.


I was asking if we are panicking too much over this thing? Is it really worth draining people’s 401k’s over this? It seems to me, that it’s not really a big deal yet. And it might not ever be.

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You’re playing “gotcha.” I don’t play gotcha. You are not interested in having a discussion. You are interested in putting me on defense. I don’t play defense. Sooooo. The “limit” you are looking for is what ever you decide it should be. Does this make me a bad person? :thinking:

You tell me. You’re the one who’s asking if a panic is justified. So, tell me, by your criteria, what would justify a panic?

Because I think an inept response by an incompetent administration that’s in denial pretty well justifies a panic.


Example? The Coronavirus hasn’t really touched us. We are an international destination, that has basically escaped to this point. It’s a miracle that we have so few cases. 330 million people and only a handful of cases. What are the democrats recommending that would have kept every single case out of the U.S? I need specifics.

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