When do you predict the country reaches its breaking point with the open border?

It’s abundantly clear that the Biden Administration has absolutely zero concern about what’s happening at the border and quite frankly is more than happy to allow this flow of illegal immigration into the country. Here’s a good look at what they want:




All the articles are a good read. To sum it up is that the Biden Administration has NO INTENT to shut down the border and end the massive flood of the world’s poverty into the nation. He’s literally just trying find various ways to continue the flow of the world’s poverty into the US.

The primary red herring consistently used by the Biden Administration, and pretty much every other lib, is the ■■■■■■■■ about how they are all coming to seek asylum. In the mind of the Left every person in the world who wishes to simply utter the words “asylum seeker” has every right to be allowed into the US and be taken care of by the US taxpayer. This pretty much represents some of the ways they view it:


Another ruse generally brought up by the Left is how all this poverty is actually going to be good for the country because all these people are going to get good paying jobs and hence not end up as tax burdens on the US citizen. For those of us who live in the real world and understand the economic realities that are part of being in a country with a modern industrialized economy, and a high cost of living, with limited number of good paying jobs, knows what the actual result of flooding the nation with poverty will bring:





Clearly Biden’s open border policies are starting to have a significant impact on more communities than just those at the border. It’s also clear the Biden Administration has NO INTENT to do anything to stop this flow of illegal immigration. The question then becomes when will this reach a breaking point? In other words, how bad will it get? How many more communities in the US will be impacted? How much will flooding the nation with all the world’s poverty cost the US taxpayers?

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when the shooting starts

People on the left need to get moved before any critical mass of outcry starts to make a difference.

People on the left will take notice when some leftist celebrity gets killed by their illegal housekeeper or pool boy.

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No one should be employing illegal immigrants. Your comment illustrates a major stumbling block. US businesses and indivdiuals continue to employ those who are here illegally.

This will only stop when businesses/individuals are held accountable for assisting those to break the law.

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illegals are good for businesses. lowers labor costs significantly .

highly doubtful business republicans was the illegal flow to stop.

would drive costs higher.


I suspect the employment of illegals transcends politics. I made this point before, how many of us have had contractors working on our homes and we don’t demand to see documentation confirming the status of each worker.

Obviously thats not practical but the point I am making is that all of us have benefitted even inadvertently.

Already has, sort of.

Cartel turf wars will spill over into US cities. “There will be blood”. Innocents will get caught in crossfires.

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Seriously. People are gonna come if they think they can make a living up here. The only true way to stop the flow is to pass laws to fine and punish businesses for accepting this labor.

Any conservatives want to guess why those laws havent been passed in the last 50 years…even with Republicans running the House, Senate and White House?

Never. You all like cheap food and affordable building materials.

The euro pearl-clutching notwithstanding.

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Rawr… :wink:

First off, what we are seeing is unprecedented, not only in the numbers but that a US president is actively facilitating this illegal immigration. Second, it’s not like these people are actually getting jobs. The overwhelming majority are either being provided free housing at the US taxpayers expense or are sleeping on the streets of US communities. Third, exactly how many jobs do we have for people with no education, no marketable skills, and don’t speak English? Fourth, do we not have various guest and seasonal worker programs? Fifth do we not already have around 20 million illegal immigrants in the country already?

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What’s going on the border is well beyond the benefit of cheap labor. It’s an international humanitarian crisis and not just a burden of American taxpayers.

Not only 100k and counting fentanyl deaths but thousands of women raped, and thousands of children being trafficked back & forth for sex and organ harvesting.


Not only that, but this illegal immigration has immensely enriched these cartels:

Now even Mexico may be starting to realize that facilitating this may not be such a good idea.

Never, the labor costs are too good and the talking points too effective.

Good gravy, let’s hope so.

Let them starve to death?



Now what?

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True enforcement. Its never happened.


Now what?


Another non sequitur as what’s going on at the border is unprecedented. Furthermore, exactly how many of these people are actually getting jobs? It’s not like we don’t already have millions of people here already doing these low wage dead end jobs.