The Kavanaugh allegations from a common sense angle

This is so obvious, why is nobody getting it? First, there really is no evidence. Have you noticed that nearly every time an allegation such as this is made, it’s by some liberal college professor type? Why is it that only far left liberals seem to get assaulted by conservatives? But that’s not the main point. Why doesn’t anybody notice the obvious? THEY WERE CHILDREN!!!
We don’t use adult standards to judge children. How many people that you know were out of control as kids but grew up to be fine adults? I know many. It is incredibly stooopid to hold kids to adult standards. There is a reason for juvenile courts. There is a reason that we don’t let them vote. They have no discipline, no self control and they are nit wits by nature. This isn’t a murder case. stupid kids do stupid things because they are stupid. If this happened, the police should have been called and juvenile court should have handled it. It’s far too late to hold somebody accountable for alleged juvenile crimes.

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