Stocks and oil in free fall

Because we have been in an abnormally long period without a recession and concurrent bull market.

Everyone has been waiting for this; some people actually care about economic news other then blindly cheering. It’s how you avoid being one of the people losing their asses right now.

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Republican are bad a comedy.

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Yes, if anyone can it would be senile Biden. His grin is enough for libs to have confidence.

People really saying this isn’t a thing? Bill Maher said on his show he hoped for a recession to the applause of the audience. He wasn’t a one off.

Play-by-play action, with slow motion reactions. lol

Seriously. I don’t understand why that is. But their satire isn’t normally very funny.

I believe he works in the stock/financial sector, and the majority of his threads here have always been related to the market, so :woman_shrugging:

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So because Bill Maher said something stupid you get to label everyone?

His job is saying shocking things, his opinion is as serious as Anne Coulter.

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You know audiences are told to applaud right.

Trump certainly believed that in the over 100 tweets he sent criticizing Obama’s approach to the Ebola outbreak – of course Obama and team handled that very well.

My bad according to a yougov/huffington post poll only 9% of democrats hope the economy tanks. I never said all or most just a portion a bit more than Bill Maher. But we can pretend it doesn’t exist they are quiet a few polls out there Google it if you like I purposely picked the most liberal poll.

so around the same amount of people who think the earth is flat.

But the narrative HERE is EVERYONE who dares to discuss a negative topic is “cheering” it.

That’s what we are discussing.

So…would you want person in question to handled your stocks? :wink:

Someone who apparently accurately predicted a large downturn?


Smart investors who did not have a 10+ year horizon on keeping stocks have already shifted out of the market as it was predictable.

So the Fed is going to pump more money for the big players into the market. More socialism for the rich!

the selloff is continuing overnight.
dow futures are 200 lower after being down as much as 400 earlier

A good time to buy, buy, buy! :+1: :grin:

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What were the statistics in the first few months of the flu? Not saying that this will work out the same, hopefully so.