Stocks and oil in free fall

Obama man bad?

Not even a half day old.

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Internet points are SO cool

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Yup. Cheerleading and hoping for a while now:

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Not one of those has anything that is “cheering” or “hoping”.

Warnings are not “cheerleading and hoping”. They are warnings.

Zookeeper: “Don’t go in the lion cage, the lion will attack you.”

Visitor: “You want me to get attacked?!”

”There’s a recession coming.”
“You just have TDS!”

”There a recession coming.”
“You hate Trump!”

The recession comes.
“Look at what you libs did!”


Sell sell sell sell sell sell sell!

we’ve just crossed over from obama’s economy to trump’s economy.

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The Trump Slump!

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I gave up on hope for libs long ago.

And down 2000 at the closing bell.

No, he’s ready to be President now. Of course it would probably kill him.

I believe that’s the worst single day point loss in history.

I think it cracks the top 10 percentage wise as well, but I could be wrong.

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down 2000 at the bell
either the worse day since the crash of 87 or the second worse depending on the exact final numbe



not in the top 10 percentage wise but #11


Worst since the Great Recession. Still not super great.

Well it switched rather quickly today to “okay it’s happening but this is your fault somehow.”


See, this is where normally I’d be saying that tomorrow will see a big jump up, which in the past has been pretty reliable. But with how insane the market is now, there could be another 1000 point selloff. I have no idea.

It is when his outlook changed based on the election.

Someone else in thread a week or two ago had better links showing threads the OP started showing about every 2-3 months he would post a “is a recession on the horizon?!?!” topic.