Stocks getting killed again

dow down over 400
s&p down a lot more.

seems like trumps tarrifs are starting to hurt companies a lot as more and more of them talk about their effect

More likely the market is anticipating the dems winning the House.

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I read that the next quarter is gonna be down…like people said it would be

Without sarcasm there is a clear (albeit highly silly) correlation between the stock market rises between when GOP holds power and Dems to.

There is a reason for it and not because the Dems are bad for the economy.

Negative GDP?

The Democrats did this. And Soros.

More Winning!!!

So, is Nasdaq the only one that’s technically up so far this year? DOW and S&P are down for 2018.

Trump’s just giving young folks an opportunity to buy low!

Just a lower quarter number

Actually, I just think he likes tweeting about 1000 point milestones. He gets to tweet about 25000 again, and again, and again, maybe 24000 or 23000 again and again.


I blame the lib mob for deliberately sabotaging the economy in order to make Donald look bad right before the midterms. They don’t control the White House, Congress, or the SCOTUS, but the Deep State is insidious and powerful.

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God just end already. Why does it always plummet at the end? -600 now.


Nah anyone paying attention knows the drop is because of rising interest rates. The fed chair that Trump put in is way more hawkish on rising interest rates than Janis Yellen was.

I am by no means an expert but an active day trader and the traders would watch a Janis Yellen event and pay attention to her announcement far greater than anything Obama said.

The same goes with Trump he can say what he wants the big traders are looking at rising rates, and the impacts that has on company borrowing as well as the effect on the housing market. The fed chief could stop this tomorrow by coming out saying there will be no more rate hikes but he has doubled down on them saying there will be more rate hikes coming. There is a reason Trump criticized the fed chiefs decision on the rising rates, was it a presidential move? No but his administration knows full well what will happen in the market with rising rates.


Dow and s&p now lower for the year

netflix down 20% in a week. (and they had great earnings)


I believe I heard that they were expecting to have to borrow 2 billion because their original content costs so much.

Nflx was highly bloated and when there is a market panic stocks like Nflx ,Sq, Amd are going to sink faster than the broad market that were not as bloated. Some of these stocks including Nflx was rising 20% a month that’s not sustainable. Netflix when it was at its high was trading at a greater value than Disney which is just ridiculous and when the correction comes well you have what we saw today.