Recession warning

Trump wants to trade war his way to 0% interest rates so he can “win”.

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The amount he saves personally when interest rates decline is substantial.

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All the left has their fingers crossed…

Dow down 750

People are just mad that Trump and Kim are friends, they don’t want them to have a fun relationship.

What has trump done for the economy or the average American

He gave huge tax cuts to corporations which blew up the deficit despite his claims the would pay for themselves

He started a trade war that has cost Americans billions and has crippled farmers

He’s managed to have worse stock market returns than Obama

The trade deficit hasn’t dropped despite his tariffs

All the right has their fingers crossed…

We all know the deficit was predicted to rise like this long before Trump showed up. We also all know the tax cuts are a tiny portion of the deficits. If you don’t know that, it’s poor education or fake news fooling you again…

See, never Trump’s fault.


“Not only will this tax plan pay for itself, but it will pay down debt,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin asserted as Congress debated the Trump tax cut. Mnuchin named two factors — increased economic growth and reduced corporate tax avoidance — that would offset revenue losses from lower rates.

“We fully anticipate,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “this tax proposal in the end to be revenue neutral for the government if not a revenue generator.”

In June, six months after the tax cut passed, Cohn’s successor, Larry Kudlow, claimed the deficit “is coming down rapidly” due to economic growth. Now, the government Trump oversees has demonstrated the opposite.

fake news


The tax cuts to our president, personally, were substantial.

How totally ■■■■■■ up would it be if Trump is running this entire con so that he can make a few extra million dollars personally.

That he did this whole presidential thing just so he could make some extra cash.

■■■■■ is the housing going to crash again too ?

Europe needs to get more money into the hands of consumers and less in the hands of govt.

But that would go against their national religion of climate change…

It’s not the cause of the deficits… We all know that! So blaming Trump is fake news…

Hillary made tons of Money off Putin. The dems carried Putin lies for three years…

No, not crossed. And only one of them is communicating at the moment.

You think the treasury secretary knows the difference between defecit and debt?

The debt is what swamp doubled after crashing the housing market with bad loan policy… So, stop voting for the Hoover’s…

so if the treasury secretary said “it will pay down debt” then the deficit would have to be removed

or can you pay off debt while increasing the deficit?