Recession warning

looks like trump stupid trade war is about to crash the economy.
the interest rate on 2 years nonds is now higher than 10 uear bonds. thats an inverted yield curve and since WW2 has been an excellent forecaster of recessions.

its happened before the last 5 recessions and 7 out of the last 9

in response to the inversions dow futures are right now down 300 pre open

Fake news. The economy is doing tremendously good. Believe me.

Trump’s weakness on his reckless tariffs yesterday caused a small bump, but in reality I see it cutting deeply into confidence going forward. On top of the inversion and other metrics… not good,

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Yeah Bad Economy!


Better hope the economy crashes so a new Groper 'N Chief can try a (D)ifferent approach. lol

Theres talk about negative interest rates too


A bad economy can be just as talented as a white one.


I knew liberals would crash the economy just to beat Donald Trump. Have they no shame?

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You do know that Trump touched varies women right? The whole grab them by the :cat: thing


I, for one, do not wish for a collapsed economy, no matter who is in office.

If there is warning about a pending collapse, I hope that every measure is taken to help slow or stop it, if possible.


bill maher will be so happy.


You should know by now Trump worshippers don’t care. All they care about is LOL libzes.


Remember when AM radio pundits wished America would fail under Obama… Good times


Pepperidge Farm remembers.

The king of bankruptcy who you had to be bailed out by his mommy and his daddy over and over causing economic problems after being elected president.

Really shocking.

I hope everyone now understands why banks in our country won’t loan the child a dime.


Here you close to last place Orioles

Link removed due to Rush being a protected friend …

Nice bait though :unamused:

So what you posted isn’t the same as what Rush said.

But you knew that.

Yeah, let’s replace one groper with another. Why not…

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If Obama failed what would happen to the country?