Another recession warning

Flash PMI index falls under 50 signaling a contraction for the first time since 2013
corona virus was partially to blame but also to blame was companies worry about a wider slowdown…

“With the exception of the government-shutdown of
2013, US business activity contracted for the first
time since the global financial crisis in February.
Weakness was primarily seen in the service sector,
where the first drop in activity for four years was
reported, but manufacturing production also ground
almost to a halt due to a near-stalling of orders.

not a good report at all. if it continues for a couple more months it will pretty much indicate that we are in a recession

We should totally ignore this for political reasons. Nobody should even discuss it.

Best economy in the history of economies!


Just yesterday or day before libs were say Russia again…tomorrow it will be racism again.


GDP grew for the full year in 2019 in spite of the trade war and while the CV outbreak is going to affect some sectors later in the year we’re still looking good for growth in 2020.

And for OP.

March 2019

June 2019

Aug 2019

Again in Aug 2019

Sept 2019

Again Sept 2019

Have a happy day Moonshine,



At least he’s consistent. :grin:


6 discussions based on cited numbers.

Sanders economic plan will save us, good economic numbers will be here again. It’s looking like he should have the nomination wrapped up more or less by Super Tuesday and I am sure the markets will rejoice with the news.

Shouldn’t they?

Because the way you guys talk, re-election is already in the bag, especially if Commie Bernie gets the nod.

Your indicators for this?

I think I see a pattern here.

Good job Conan!!



Eventually one of the sky-is-falling predictions will be right.

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The left is ignoring the monstrosity that is winning the Democratic nomination as well as how the economy is liable to react to him winning.

Yes. Just has to keep screaming it.

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So there have been indicators we are approaching a recession for a year?

Discussions? I think you misspelled “cheerleading”.

He’s committed to a long term hope of a recession before the election it seems. :grin:

Kind of like those people who predict when the world is going to end eh?


Historically full employment doesn’t last too long