Trumps "great" economy is falling apart

he brags about how the economy is doing about as good if not better than ever before.

gdp growth estimates for q2 have fallen to 1.5% or lower
may job growth only 75k,well under the 180k forecast.
march and april numbers also sharply reduced.
2 of the last 4 months have seen growth under 100k

treasury yields have plunged as the fear of recession is growing.

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Meh any job growth is good news. It still feels like 2009 was yesterday soooo

The President is doing great things and should stay the course.

It’s one report. We’ll see if it becomes a trend.

Anyone remember the reports of “funemployment” in 2008 just before the crash?

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The golf course?


Of course!

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You wish!!

Record growth cannot continue forever. It must slow. But is still beats the hell out of anything Obama was able to do. And we don’t really need any job growth right now. We already have 7 million unfilled jobs.

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President Trump is so amazing that he achieved ten years of job growth in his two years in office.


Some of the best working years of my life were under Obama. Trump’s economy sucks.

You kidding? Obama never came close to these job growth numbers. :roll_eyes:


Record growth? Slower job growth than under Obama, stock market growing at slower rate than Obama, Trump’s best GDP quarter not as good as Obama’s, Trump’s best calendar year GDP not as good as Obama, Trump’s best year on year GDP growth not as good as Obama.


Its the FEDS fault!

what exactly do you mean better than anything obama could do.

obama had higher growth in multiple quarters than trump achieved.

If I don’t care what the charts say I can’t be wrong.

Interesting that you can regurgitate right wing talking points as if they were true…

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According to what measure? Your feelings? What you wanted it to be?

any reply to your comment about trumps economy being better than anything obama did???

Anyone who thinks today’s news is the economy is falling apart doesn’t remember the Great Recession much.

It is amazing how Trump turned that around after he inherited it from Obama.

Boo America!!!