More proof of the trump recession

manufacturing jobs,especially in swing states have begun falling

so far this year 22 states have shown manufacturing job losses including wisconsin,north carolina and pennsylvania
one company cummins engines says tariffs will cost if 150 this year,far outdistancing the 70m it saved in corporate taxes

Keep dreaming. There is no recession.

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Yes, but many signs point to a near future recession, within 1-2 years. You recognize that, right?

Assumign a whole lot of negative things happen to trigger it which is always the case.

We’re at record low UE with growing wages and inflation is flat. I’m comfortable.

I thought the tax cuts were supposed to supercharge the economy.

Hard to get the full effect when the Fed Turns around and raises rates out of false inflation fears. That could not be foreseen in the calculations of the effects ahead of time as it wasn’t predicted or expected.

But with the economy being so hot the time is right to raise rates surely? you only drop rates when there is a need to stimulate the economy but this red hot economy does not need stimulation unless of course the economy is not as hot as we are told and there is a need for the fed to intervene and support it


This is my standard response.


Dont try to understand. Low rates were a sign of weakness in Obama ODS world. Now the Fed raising rates at full employment is bad in Trump world. Nothing is ever con’s fault.


I wish liberals would stop talking about recessions. Talking about the economy in a negative light is a sure fire way to make that economy fail. It’s irresponsible, and in my opinion traitorous, to speculate that a recession is eminent. I get it; the only way to beat Donald Trump is if you wreck the economy first. Not going to happen. Any minute now China is going to back down and agree to all of Donald Trump’s demands on trade and how many hotels he can build in Hong Kong.


They raised rates intentionally to slow growth out of inflation fears. Those fears were unfounded so rates should be dropped back to pre rise levels.

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The fed kept rates at historic lows throughout Obama’s presidency to try and help the economy.

Say what??? Not. Sure. If. Serious…


That you can’t grasp it isn’t exactly a surprise.

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The only one surprised apparently is not me champ. :rofl:


Which came after the tax cuts.

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Same people who got their Oboy re-elected with 8% unemployment are praying for a recession so they can have the correct retar(D) in office.

All too willing to screw over their neighbors for a hollow sense of satisfaction. :wink:


Good gravy man. I clearly need to break this down more simply for you.

You claimed no one could have predicted the Fed would raise rates. That is an asinine claim that belies all macroeconomic reporting and forecasting both from the time of the tax cuts, and the time following the cuts when the Fed raised rates.

Hence, I was not sure if you were serious, because it is not a serious claim. It is a beyond ridiculous claim.


Trump had no way to predict six months ahead of time that the fed would raise rates after the tax cut.


Their neighbors and anyone else in the country. The good of the nation no longer matters to them at all, just the acquisition and permanent control of the power.