The trump recession may be here

the institute for supply managments survey which shows the health of the manufacturing sector fell to 49.1 in august. Any reading below 50 is contraction. the reading for export orders fell to its lowest since april of 2009.

so much for trumps claim we have the best economy on record.
stocks have plunged as a result with the dow down 400

Thank God, right? This might help the cause! lol


Reality is a plot against Trumpists.


When impeachment doesn’t work out pray for economic collapse.

How patriotic!

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No doubt this will be blamed on Obama and democrats.

The list of recession indicators continues to climb. A recession is inevitable because of the cyclical nature of the economy. The only real questions will be when it will happen, how long will it be, and how severe.

I’ve predicted a recession occurring sometime in the next 18-24 months. Regardless of who is in the White House. Although there is no question that the Trump Trade War® has had a negative impact towards hastening the eventuality.

hey, don’t you know that the best way to avoid the recession is to not talk about the recession? jeez


“It’s here! The Trump recession is finally here! We’re gonna win that White House now!”


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I thought it was obama’s economy.

When did it change?

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it was… the Chosen One is ■■■■■■■ it up.


The First Rule of Fight Club is…

We saw how well that worked out. :rofl:

It’s amusing, and depressing, that so many people fail to understand basic economic principles. To a degree they believe talking about recession indicators equates to hoping and praying it will happen. Or worse yet, believe we can talk ourselves into a recession. As if discussion of these economic indicators has more than a passing, negligible impact on anything.

It’s also astonishing that we see history repeating itself here. I remember people clamoring before the Great Recession about how talking about was going to make it come true. And suggesting people were praying for it. The more things change, the more they stay the same around here.


No surprise the people to blame for this will point their fingers at everyone else; simply acknowledging their failure is worse then the incompetence that caused it.

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Who’s praying for that, you?

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You can be aware that a cliff is approaching - it doesn’t mean you’re cheering to go over the edge.

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I believed that a recession (or at the very least a slowdown) would happen sometime during the 2017-20 timeframe, which is why I predicted all along that whoever won would be a one-term President. Trump’s continual blundering has poured gas on the fire, though.

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bill maher for one.

Do you wish and pray for an economic collapse?

  • Yes
  • No

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Take that silly logic and reality somewhere else bub. This is a time for histrionics and hyperbole man!


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So when did it change?

Big time fail. Atheists don’t pray. Try again.