Stocks and oil in free fall

saudi arabia started an oil price war with russia. (which they will probbaly lose)
the result is crude oil is plunging,opened down 30% now down 20%
dow futures 1100 lower.

this will probably kill a lot of US jobs as its going to bankrupt a lot of oil companies.

Fingers crossed! lol

Some oil stocks have been caving for the last month. I thought this might be the Coronavirus, but that really didn’t make sense to that extent, at least no to me.
I suspect some people knew this was coming.

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This could affect me…I’ll have to watch this

Energy and minerals sector was down over 11% before this Corona PandaMonia started. Before Transportation went in the red, it was the only sector doing so.

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I’d be in heaven with $1.79 gas and so would the rest of the economy outside of oil. That’s a rough tradeoff and I’m not advocating for it to be clear, but it’s a fact.

And Trump might break off his romance with Putin lol. And Prince Muhammed for that matter. Neither of them are our friends.

E-85 has been at $1.79 out here for 2 weeks now.

Wow. Regular gas is down to like 2.19 here and that’s pretty darn good. I really don’t pay attention to the other fuels.

I think regular is sitting around 2.05 here. I’m not impressed by the mileage on E-85, but my combustion chamber is a lot cleaner than it was last year.

I don’t think my truck can use that stuff.

Bad things will probably happen to your fuel lines if your vehicle doesn’t specify that it can run on flex fuel.

I use it in a 2007 suburban. Great motor, terrible design on the fuel saver and PCV valve.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shift to alternative energy sources where we were less dependent on actions taken by Putin and MBS. Nah. Let’s drill, baby drill!


this will pretty much stop any drilling.

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s&p futures hit limit down (5%) but hve since bounced a little

We’re at $1.94 as of this afternoon when I filled up the wife’s 4Runner for the week. But we’ve always been a bit lower than everyone.

Regular or E-85?

gasoline futures are about 25 cents lower

Russians have been stocking up on gold and they’ve told the camel jocks to pound sand. As consumers we benefit.

Regular. I have an E-85 tundra, but I’ve never used the stuff.

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Nice. That’s the first time in years that I’ve heard of someone else having lower prices than my area.

Of course, we have MFA Oil to thank for that.