Stocks and oil in free fall

Yeah, we’re near some kind of pipeline distribution hub or something. There’s a big ass tank farm 10 miles from here.

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Gotta love the local supply.

You’ll see thousands of these in Missouri if you drive along the state highways. It’s extracted here, refined here, and sold here. Makes for a great supplement to the volatile world markets.


We don’t have any oil derricks. Judging by the red clay, the cotton would have surely sucked all the oil out of the ground if we had any. :smile:

Seems normal.

You can keep hoping of course but no, it’s just going to be a temporary slow down.

As soon as the uncertainty over the virus is cleared up the markets will again stabilize moving back into positive territory.

That’s ridiculous. They aren’t going to be shutting down rigs over a temporary drop in prices.

I didn’t know there were refineries in Missouri.

Learn something every day.

Of course shale oil will be shuttered, that is the whole point of this move by Russia.

We also have a sizeable population of bald eagles.

Eagleman Murica 2

the us rig count was already falling before this as oil fell. it will drop dramatically this week with $30 crude
the question is how well hedged are oil producers. any that arent hedged are doomed in a hurry

No, we’re not going to be shutting down exploration or production because of a temporary price drop

This may delay future projects but no, they won’t be pulling any rigs that are already in place and won’t be shutting them down.

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Any Yetis?

the number of rigs in the US correlates to oil prices pretty much exactly


And shale oil falls off a cliff at these prices.

No, but our black bear population has been increasing lately, so it’s only a matter of time before some tweeker sees Bigfoot. lol

This is a short term event, we’ll be just fine.

Of course you dont know that.

That’s one tough bear.

That looks like where my brother lives in southern Missouri. Except it’s about twenty miles from his house to any road approaching the size of the one the bear was crossing.

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Probably did more damage to the truck than anything. Thankfully, they don’t know they’re bears and scare off easily.

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