Manufacturing index falls to lowest in a decade

the ISM Purchasing Managers’ Index fell to 47.8 in september the lowest since june 2009. a reading under 50 indicates contraction in the manufacturing sector. this is the second straight month under 50.

economists blame trunps trade war for the slump

are we winning yet?

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Yes… Trump is right the fed should let the dollar become weaker. But, It’s kind of the curse of being the strongest economy on earth. People want to buy your currency for stability.

If not for Trumps economic reforms we’d be as slow as the rest of the globe.

Spin this one - in the last 19 months the DOW is up less than 100 points (26,703 as of 11:51 AM). That’s an increase of 0.3% since the end of January 2018. Is this also a sign of a strong dollar and economy? Blame the fed for this one as well? Thank goodness for Trump! We might have been up only 0.2%!

That’s some spin. Retracting manufacturing shows how good Trump is.


Which has nothing to do with the drop in manufacturing

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Nope. It took decades to get where “we” are and it will take more than a few months to fix it.

3 years is not a “few months”

Manufacturing is worse, not better. That’s not fixing things

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I know the company I work for is way down.

It’s okay. Trump predicted this.

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Great more good news…right libs?

“They don’t have a clue”
Fat donald projecting again.

Very true. I’m glad you’re beginning to wake up. The first tariffs were enacted towards the end of March, 2018. If…it’s taken decades to arrive at where “we” are, it will take longer than that amount of time to fix this problem. One thing that Trump may not consider though, is that IMO…China has a kamikaze mentality and will destroy themselves in an attempt to take down those they consider, are causing them to “lose face”.



And so the man who thinks that the tariffs he imposes on Chinese goods are paid by the Chinese is saying others “don’t have a clue.”

No. More news that allows us to assess the impact of the Trump Tax Cut – the cut that was supposed to unleash growth in the economy and growth in real wages.

That has turned into the great legislative achievement that no one dares to mention.

When Trump’s accomplishments are assessed in the 2020 election, assuming he is the nominee, he should be held accountable for the failure of his one major legislative achievement – doncha think?

No. You are not right. This is not good news. This is what we warned about with horrible GOP policies.


So if Trump doesn’t get re-elected and the economy improves, it will be secondary to the delayed pay off of the trade war? If he gets re-elected and things don’t improve, it’ll be because we need to give it more time?

If there is no definite time frame for improvement or goals for measuring effectiveness this is an exercise in futility.

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Bill Maher may get his wish yet