Did the UK instigate a coup against the elected government of the US?

Scott Adams raised a question about Britain’s role in the Russia-collusion hoax / coup attempt with George Papadopoulos, former official with the Trump campaign who was the subject of intense surveillance and a smear campaign. According to Papadopoulos, the British government was going nuts over the Brexit vote and Trump’s tacit support of the Brexit vote was viewed as an existential threat to the London elites. Their response appear to be to launch a surveillance and disinformation campaign against Trump and his associates.

See video starting at 17:00:

Papadopoulos mentioned several prominent people with strong links to MI-6 and other British intelligence services. Here are their names and connections to the surveillance of the Trump campaign that helped to launch the investigations for the Russia-collusion hoax:

Christopher Steele: He is a retired MI6 operative and author of the infamous Steele dossier. Trump has asked for his extradition from the UK.

Stefan Halper: He is a University of Cambridge professor and member of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS). He who contacted Papadopoulos and got him to go to Britain under false pretenses.

Alexander Downer: He is a former Australian diplomat who has defended sending in the tip that sparked the FBI’s investigation of then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign.

Richard Dearlove: He served as chief of MI6 from 1999 to 2004, had contact during the 2016 campaign with dossier author Christopher Steele. He is also a close colleague of Stefan Halper, the alleged FBI and CIA informant who established contact with several Trump campaign advisers. Dearlove and Halper attended a Cambridge political event in July 2016 where Halper had his first contact with Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.


The fingerprints of the British intelligence service are all over the crime scene.

British interference the US election and their collusion with US surveillance agencies and Democrats appear to have started and supported the failed coup against the elected government of the US. Is British responsibility for the failed coup the 800-lb gorilla that everyone is ignoring?

Did the UK government look at the US as its colony?


Yes, but as was articulated for years ‘collusion’ is not a crime. Collude all you want, just don’t conspire.

Attempting to overthrow the elected government of the US is a crime. Interfering the US election is a crime, and so is using false information as pretext for government surveillance.

The US government can also get information from the British that would violate US laws against spying on US citizens.

Should the US government demand extradition of British spies involved in the attempted coup?

Don’t forget Erika Thompson and Christian Cantor.

If there’s evidence you can indict the people on this side of the pond who took part.

Apparently 2 years isn’t long enough to get to the bottom of this.

An Israeli embassy official in London named Christian Cantor introduced Papadopoulos, who he previously knew, to Erika Thompson, a counselor to Downer who serves in the Australia’s London embassy.

There is definitely a tangled web, but London seems to be at the center of it all.

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Sometimes people are too distracted by noise and confusion to see the 800-lb gorilla sitting in the middle of the room.

The facts look obvious to me: The British surveillance services waged war against the Trump campaign, and their surveillance and attempts to frame Trump associates served as a basis for the failed coup attempt.

The last time the Brits tried interference in US affairs on this scale it did not end well for them:

none of those people work for the British government.

running a private intelligence firm isn’t a crime in either UK or US.

Did the coup include getting Trump associates to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit?

My guess is the framing failed (to give your version some credence) but the crooks were still guilty of the crimes to which they pleaded guilty.

And the “coup” is just a trigger word for those that keep forgetting this all started with real Russian interference. Actual hacking and misinformation and troll farms.


Published reports say otherwise. Does the British government publicly announce who is employed for their intelligence agencies?

During the Vietnam War, many CIA operatives were officially employed by Air America.

Attempting to overthrow the elected government is a crime. Foreign interference in US elections is also a crime.

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They didn’t attempt to overthrow anything they publish a dossier.

They are all retired intelligence agents.
they work in the private sector now.

The Brits pretty much won that war, and the treaty that settled it pretty much changed absolutely nothing.

If you believe that, I have a bridge you may be interested in buying . . .

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Yet there is no charges, extraditions, etc.

why not is Trump and Barr scared.

Funny thing the war started over something already settled the blockaid of American ships, simply took to long for the news to reach American government and they got jumpy.

There has always been Russian interference in that way. The fake part was attributing it to the Trump campaign based on a fake dossier. And that dossier was all over the FBI
It makes no sense that a statement by Papad… that a Russian told him that they had some letters of Hillary would instigate an investigation of collusion with the campaign. At no point did Papad… say he had anything to do with getting those.

If the British agents are just rogue actors without the support of the British government, then the UK should have no problem with extraditing them to the US to face questioning and possible criminal charges. Instead they are all hiding out of reach of American justice with tacit support of the British government.

Are coup attempts and election interference fine so long as they come from countries that speak the same language?