Can you pass this cognitive test?

Many people have difficulty with this cognitive test.

Please try the test in the video before going to the comments below.

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What does the test say about the ability of people to sort out confusing information?

Yes, the man in the gorilla suit walking through was very obvious.

Not for most people.

I didn’t see it when I first saw this test years ago.

I knew to expect it this time and still counted that 15 passes were thrown.

This isn’t a cognitive test…it’s a test to show that people really cannot multitask.

About half of the people taking the test fail to see him.

People tend to see what they are looking for. It is one reason why drivers frequently fail to see motorcycles.

What are the implications for people’s understanding of current events?

Yes what are the implications indeed?

People have a natural tendency to miss the gorilla when they are confused by games with balls.

Oh. Well I’m not a basketball or sports fan, so I lost track and gave up watching passes almost immediately.

Which is why you saw the gorilla.

Had you concentrated on counting the passes, odds are you would have missed him (well, 50/50 chance that is).

I almost lost count when the gorilla started dancing. lol

Wow, I did not see the gorilla.