Question at US-funded conference: What is the best way to partition Russia?

That is one of the prime topics at government sponsored conference in Washington tomorrow. Here is one proposed map for carving up Russia. It would return Russia to its borders in the 16th century and create a large number of smaller states that would be easier to exploit without benefiting the local population.

This is not the first time western powers have proposed partitions of Russia. Here is a German proposal from 1941 that was even more aggressive. It explicitly called for puppet states under western control.

Back in 1918, the Germans and their allies briefly implemented a plan under the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Here is what that map looked like before western allies revoked the treaty in November 1918:

Which partition is likely to give the maximum profits for western elites?

How should NATO implement proposed partitions?

UPDATE: Here is the link to the conference live stream that starts at 10 am eastern time today, June 23:

What conference are you referring to in the OP?

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And just what, other than feeding Russia a propaganda avenue, does a stupid briefing like this accomplish?

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Lot of hubris on display with this conference. They’ll need to get past Russia’s nuclear arsenal before any woke “Decolonization” idiocy can commence.

It supports fantasies of Ukrainian nationalists. They were explicitly claiming that an alliance between Ukraine and western nations would partition Russia into five or more countries back in early February.

Thank you

You can join the conference tomorrow morning.

A large stash of recreational marijuana may make the proceeding more intelligible.

American tax dollars at work!

Alas, I live a long way away from D.C.

No need, Russia will implode on their own.

Are they begging for Warheads to land on their soil? Ah… depopulation!— that will work. The elite can go into their luxury mineshafts. The new Morlocks.

It is a teleconference with a YouTube link.

Please excuse me if I need more evidence that there is any such conference being held with the involvement of our government or any other government.
Now if you want something like this in reality, I think you had best look to what Russia is planning for Ukraine.

I suspect that the EU is much more likely to implode than Russia at this point.

Here is a description of the sponsor from their website:

The conference is crazy but legit. It is amazing what inside-the-beltway experts can come up with using copious supplies of tax dollars and recreational marijuana.

The west…meaning Europeans been wanting to busts Russia up for the longest time so they can exploit vast Russian resources. That’s a known fact among inner circles of European elitists.

Any excuse for catered buffet lunch, a 5 course evening meal and an adult refreshments provided mixer after dinner.

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Unlikely. Much of Russia is a forced union of ethnic groups that despise Russians and would be happy to see them fail.

He says as America implodes.

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According to Glenn Greenwald, the conference is funded by the folks at the George Bush Center for Intelligence:

It looks like the meeting is another epic intelligence failure in the making.