Question at US-funded conference: What is the best way to partition Russia?

Neither one of our countries will be around in their current states in 50-100 years. Both will break apart. I could see China going the same way as well.

All three of us have gotten too large. The empires will come down. It happens to every state like these three.

Yes. I went to their website. Decolonizing Russia? That’s the sort of thing that you might talk about if we had been in a war with Russia and defeated them, which isn’t the case.
It seems like going out of the way to assure bad relations.

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Yes, the CIA-supported conference seems to be designed to create paranoia and suspicion in Moscow. At the same time the DOD has been looking at ways to get a cease fire, and Biden has said that a negotiated settlement is required.

It looks there is a civil war within the US government.

I’m good with that map, especially everything east of Moscow.

We’d have to slap them around first though, and that would involve letting the world know that we’ve flagrantly violated just about every Space Treaty we ever signed on to. :wink:

Have I got some bad news for you about economics and demographics.

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No one needs to partition anything. Russia’s sphere of influence will massively contract in the next decade. Turkey will move into the Caucuses, there will be a movement to reunite Karelia with Finland, Japan will take the Sakhalins, Ukraine will heavily ally with Poland. At the least.

Yes, the conference definitely supports the idea that Russia needs to be slapped around.

Of course there is also the issue of reparations. When will Russia be forced to pay reparations for western losses during the last failed partition of Russia? Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, and Finland suffered severe losses in their brave attempt to end Russian colonialism. They have never received compensation.

They are all now members of the EU; perhaps Brussels will push forward with their cause.

At the rate things are going, I would not be surprised to see Germans burning Ukrainian flags to keep warm this winter.

The western elites have believed that the financial systems are the source of power. They think they can print as much money as they want, while they destroy their enemies with financial sanctions.

Russia is showing that control of vital commodities such as food, energy, minerals, etc. trumps financial machinations. The emperor has no clothes.

Finland will not want Karjala unless the ethnic Russian occupiers leave their former territory first.

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Political disagreement and in some sense isn’t an implosion no matter how feverish the dreams.

We ain’t got nothing on the 60s in terms of division

Yes, ethnic cleansing is a necessary component of partition. Karelia is overwhelmingly Russian at this point.

Ironically, Russia most likely prevented the partition of the US during the American Civil War. Britain and France were anxious to weaken both the US and Russia, and they had successfully attacked Russia during the Crimean War a few years earlier. They were plotting to intervene in the American Civil War to partition the US, but Russian opposition ended their plans.

The forces of fascist oppression are far stronger now.

Predawn FBI SWAT team raids against political opponents did not exist in the 1960s. Attempting to lockdown college campuses during the Hong-Kong Flu pandemic of 1968 would have been suicide for the government. Universal electronic surveillance was technically impossible.

Karjala is no longer home of the original peoples. They were displaced by the Russians.

I doubt Finland has any real interest in Karjala at this point.

Yeah. I mean i don’t even know where to begin with this post

Is it the warrantless spying that the fbi engaged in during the 60s on what it considered radical groups? Is it the water hosing of protesters? The beatings?

I implore you once again to open a book.

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The government has put whole states under house arrest. We have political prisoners held in abusive conditions without trial for years. We are using the 1917 espionage act to prosecute a journalist, Julian Assange, for revealing unpunished crimes that the state has been committing. All this while the state-controlled media cheers.

Senator Church warned about “total tyranny” if the government turned its electronic surveillance power against the people. The technology is vastly superior today than what existed in the 1970s.

The CIA admitted to spying on its oversight committee back in 2014. No one was punished. Congressional oversight now refers to what the surveillance state does to congress.

Is another Church committee even possible now?

Yes the state governments did. But not under house arrest no matter the hyperbole. I live in one of the more restrictive states and you are confusing us with Australia

I wasn’t just talking about political disagreement

Is it the mutilation then? Or something else?

Do you not read the news?

I do and what?

What’s the difference between now and the 60s?

Is it the violence that dominated the 80s?

Governmental Ove reach that saw kids burned alive in the 90s?

The political turmoil of the mid 70s?

The economic instability of the late 70s late 80s and early 2000s?

An American blew up a federal building and murdered dozens of children. The country is still standing. This idea of American balkanization is as old as this country.

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