Did Trump disparage veterans?

So an article came out regarding Trump calling dead military members “losers” and “suckers” while in Paris in 2018, in an apparent attempt to not visit a cemetery on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 (over a hundred thousand Americans died during the conflict). Today, the AP confirmed some of the comments from a “a senior Defense Department official with firsthand knowledge.”

The visit by Trump to the cemetery was eventually cancelled because of “scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather”

Trump & the White House denied the comments.

What do you guys believe?

Wow. The media digging up a visit to a military cemetery two years ago, which was covered completely two years ago. And shortly before an election. What a surprise. I am shocked.


So do you believe that Trump made the comments or not?

It doesn’t matter.

So do you believe he made the comments or not?

I was ashamed of the President two years ago.

He failed to understand the importance of the occasion and was the only world leader to blow it off and the excuse was that there was a little rain.

This morning I found out that it was much much worse than I thought two years ago.

I have no idea how people can defend this.

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It wouldn’t be very surprising if it was true.

The AP independently confirmed it through their source. I don’t understand what the issue is, you’re telling me national news is gossip but these threads are a-okay for the politics section?

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It is very believable that this happened. I do wish the people who are making these claims would man up and identify themselves. They obviously cared enough about this to speak to The Atlantic (who is well known for their veracity when it comes to fact-checking) so why can’t they come out and put their names against it?

Also, Trump lied in his claims of denial in regards to saying he never called McCain a loser. There is video evidence and tweet evidence that immediately proved he lied. So if he was so willing to lie about this part of the story, it makes sense he would be lying about all of the rest. This is what happens when you’re a habitual liar.





Here is the tape…

Here is the tweet…


It’s not a stretch to believe that someone who says, “He’s not a war hero, he was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured”, would also call dead military “losers and suckers”.

Is it?

Crazy thing about the Joe Biden senility thing… Now we find out that DHS suppressed info that showed that that line of attack on Biden was part of Russian Intelligence disinfo.

Cool… right?

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@calirepub that meme has to go in both places. We aren’t going to use soldier coffins for politics.



Just remember…joe biden is completely in charge of all his faculties.

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Please stay on topic.

Do you believe that Trump made the comments about veterans?

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No, he didn’t. In a desperate attempt to prop up Joe Hiden, the Atlantic has produced lies from whole cloth. 5 NAMED people present at the time dispute this article.


Why should I?? And Trump and mccain had a lot of back and forth, so…

I was directly on topic to the post I responded to btw.

You’re shocked that Trump is an awful person? Where ya been?

Even John Bolton spoke up on this sham of an article that’s nothing but left wing recycled garbage.


I’m not. It’s been their MO the past 3 years. Recycled garbage over and over again.

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