The freaky, shocking latest Q posts

Suddenly there was a flurry of Q posts listing Democrat and Republicans who were/are in deep legal trouble. Copy and pasting might be overkill so here is the link.

Long Lists of names and brief info.

Oh right, the list that came word for word from the IRA troll farm. The list that was published by Q after, way after being published by almost a year ago in July of 2019 by USAReally?

Q is definitely at the cutting edge…


This is just a big list of publicly known facts, except a bit outdated, i.e. Weinstein’s prosecution has already taken place.

Damn. GRU… I mean Q… is a beacon of light in a world of propaganda and lies.


Seriously, who in the world still doesn’t realize that Q is a Russian troll?


All those names, all those disgusting crimes…and so many are people with a lot of authority…it just makes me sick.

It’s crazy that Republican Speaker of the House Mr Denis Hasart is not on the list unless I missed him.


Reach out to Russia and inform them.

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While the list or accurate, its been posted and going around Facebook for over a month.
Some of those cases are 35+ years old.

Not exactly new breaking and not"recent"

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It is incredible how 4chan trolls were able to start a cult.

It either shows the scariness of the times or an example of the stupidity of the human condition.


I find the rise of Q to be fascinating and extremely troubling. Watching them evolve from Democrats are satanic baby eaters to Democrats are satanic baby eaters but let’s keep that quiet for a while so people can get red pilled it’s something to see. Buy something I mean horrifying.


Q supporters are special people being incredibly intelligent in seeing what nobody else sees. They are superior to the sheeple.

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One thing we haven’t covered lately is how anti-Semitic Q posts are.

Remember the show “The Following”?

It was a Kevin Bacon show about tracking down a serial killer who built a cult of suburban housewives across the country and I thought it was the most unbelievable premise ever.

Boy… was I wrong.

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This list has Roman Polanski and Jared Fogle on it lol.


What is this I dont even

It is crazy how it’s spreading. I saw this crazy Q anon photo shoot with moms and young kids Holding guns and signs with Q hashtags. It seems insane. There are multiple Q believers on the real housewives now. Plus it’s spreading to other countries.

I think it best to hear from an actual nonprofit who helps kids from sex trafficking and how these Q antics have been harming them. If you do not want to read their statement the synopsis is Q anon is a parasite attaching to the cause and trying to gain credibility while causing confusion and taking the focus off those who really do help children all the while spreading lies and anti Semitic messages.

The conspiracy theory and cult movement known as QAnon is attempting to hijack the good names of organizations leading the fight against child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We cannot let this happen.

QAnon followers preach that a cabal of powerful people within government, business, academia and media are seeking world domination while engaging in child sex trafficking, pedophilia, cannibalism, and satanic sacrifice. To advance their agenda, QAnon followers have adopted a propaganda tactic that demands an immediate response from all of us in the field.

QAnon promoters are parasites. To grow their footprint, gain credibility, and spread misinformation, they associate their message of hate and bigotry with well-known, well-regarded organizations—specifically those working to end child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. That strategy threatens to diminish our identities, tarnish our reputations and harm our good works.

The problem is deepening. Many of our supporters are unknowingly re-distributing QAnon messages embedded within posts that appear to be straightforward statements against pedophilia and trafficking. We must speak out strongly against this. Just as education is the most powerful means we have to prevent child sex abuse and trafficking, education will be our most powerful weapon against the threat QAnon presents. All of us working in the field must join together and speak out loudly.


I watched that show…lol.

Because Q anon pushed the Wayfair kids are being kept in cabinets and sold for sex nonsense the nonprofit Polaris which runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline for tips on children who are suffering abuse had their lines jammed with Q followers reporting Wayfair. Real tips were prevent it from getting in.

It feels like you’re doing something good posting propaganda from Russia about saving the children but in truth it is hurting the cause and hurting kids.