Is Biden now certifiably "racist"?

I want to make something clear. Rioting is not protesting. Looting is not protesting. Setting fires is not protesting . . . See video starting at 2:10

Many of Biden’s supporters have been saying that the terms “rioting” and “looting” are really racist:

Is Biden officially racist based on the criteria that his supporters have established?

Biden recently received the endorsement of neo-Nazi leader, Richard Spenser, and has not personally rejected it. Nor has he rejected the endorsement of Ilhan Omar, who beat out Spenser for “anti-Semite of the Year”. Does his failure to personally repudiate the endorsements mean he condones racism and anti-Semitism?

We have had three months of riots, looting, and burning buildings with CNN labeling them “mostly peaceful protests”. Is Biden admitting that CNN has been lying all that time?

His campaign rejected it… is that not good enough for you?

Isn’t the standard that the candidate must say so themselves??

You wouldn’t want a double-standard would you??


Isn’t that how it worked for Trump on 2016?

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A tweet from a campaign lackey certainly is not adequate based on Biden’s own criticisms of Trump.

Biden has repeatedly said that Trump never condemned neo-Nazis and other white supremacists. Here is a compilation of Trump’s rejections of neo-Nazis and their allies going back to before he was even running for president.

Where are similar condemnations from Biden?

By Biden’s own standards he must be a racist supporter of neo-Nazis.



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Biden isn’t racist but I hope this confuses enough Trump supporters that they vote for Biden based on the Klan endorsement.


Sure sure, Biden is not a racist, he just routinely says very racist things.


Yeah…minority children are “roaches” according to Biden but…that’s not racist?

What would libs say if that came out of Trump’s mouth? Oh yeah, it was Biden’s…that’s different.

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Trump made Biden say it, obviously. It’s Trump’s fault Biden says racist things.

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I don’t recall what incident with Trump you are talking about, but I’m fine with it coming from the campaign with either side.

No. He has to do it personally. One standard.

Biden is a racist and always has been.

That’s the spirit…always playing the race card.

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That term is racist. To wit:
The Racial Slur Database

Do not use it again. You are warned.

Notice how he wants em to come home. :wink:

I think he should have thought that one out before posting. :crazy_face:

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Is this related to the “both sides” c-ville thing?

It is related to one standard and hypocrisy.

I’m sorry, I guess it wasn’t clear what I was trying to ascertain… where did this standard come from? I’m assuming its related to some incident with Trump.

I don’t know Joe Biden’s philosophy of race.

Unlike Trump, he doesn’t court white nationalists or put men like Sebastien Gorka and Steven Miller in the executive branch.

But, he has been too friendly with segegationists, he is responsible for the abuses that flow from crime bills, the PATRIOT act and his many years of writing/sponsoring banking, insurance and drug legislation.

Joe Biden has long supported laws and enforcement that disproportionately harm Black people.

He is better than demagogue and white-nationalist adjacent Trump, but we would do well not to pretend Senator Biden was a friend to the Black underclass.

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